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Summarise what happens in this chapter?

1- Whilst Utterson and Enfield are out on a stroll, Richard describes the 'story of the door'
2- Utterson questions Enfield about the story in a lawyer like way
3- Both men make a pact never to speak about the incident again


Briefly outline the two main features of Enfields story?

1- Hyde trampled calmly over a childs body
2- Used a key to enter into a strange looking door and comes out with a sum of money


What 2 quotes suggests that Hyde is devil-like?

"like satan"
it was a "hellish" scene for Enfield to see


What quote/quotes at the start of the novel show the contrast between Uttersons hard judgement and his soft, lovable nature?

the alliteration of 'l' next to 'd' in the quotes:
- 'never Lighted by a smile'
- 'Lean, Long, Dusty, Dreary'

because the soft 'l' sounds contrasts with the strong 'd' sound


What quote sets the scene of the story and gives us a hint that bad/cold events were going to happen?

it was "3am on a black winters morning"


Why may Jekyll not have been included in this chapter?

It could be that Enfield and Utterson couldnt bring themselves to mention Jekylls name in the story as it was too much of a shock to believe that the cheque was in Jekylls name


What quote from enfield described Hydes appearance? (hint: alliteration of the strong 'd' sound)

"displeasing....downright detestable"


What quote shows that the two men agree not to talk about the incident again and why might they have done this?

'let us make a bargain never to refer to this again'

- they may have done this to protect their reputation


What 2 quote suggests that Victorian Gentlemen were supposed to turn their heads towards unusual events and shouldnt speak about them to others?

1. "The more it looks like Queer street, the less I ask" Enfield
2. "I am ashamed of my long tongue" (Enfield)


Give one quote that tells us that Jekyll is implicitly mentioned in the chapter?

(about the person who drew the cheque) "one of your fellows who do what they call good" Enfield about Jekyll


What quote did Utterson repeat in regards to Enfields rule and what does this suggest?

"A very good rule..."thats a good rule of yours"

The repetition of 'rule' symbolises the rules and orders that were prevalent during the Victorian Era


What quote from Utterson shows that he did not have much to say after Enfield told his story and what could this tell us?


This could tell us that Utterson somewhat feels uncomfortable when it comes to topics that could tarnish his reputation


When Enfield is telling his story, he repeats a phrase and hesitates. What was this quote and what could the hesitation and repetition suggest?

'street after street,...- street after street'

The hesitation and repetition suggests that he is rethinking the idea of whether he should tell the story or not


During Enfield story, what simile is used to refer to religion and what question does this strike up?

'as empty as a church'

- This strikes up the question as to why the church is described to be empty when many people were religious. Perhaps to symbolise that the church might as well be empty because everyone was a secret sinner?


What quote describes the door and what could this be generalised to mean?

'neither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained'

- This quote could be generalised so that the 'bell' and 'knocker' could represent people who lead us back to the path of goodwill, the door could represent our souls, and 'blistered and distained' could describe our unpure hearts that are full of sin


What quote shows a contrast in the neighbourhoods appearance and what could this connote exactly?

"Street shone out in contrast to its dingy a fire in a forest'

- The shining street next to the dingy neighbourhood could represent our deceptive appearances, in contrast to our true sinful natures
- 'fire' may have been used as it grows unless its put out, just like how peoples outward appearances become more deceptive if someone doesnt reveal our true natures/put out the fires