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Summarise what happens in this chapter?

- Jekyll invited his friends for a dinner party
- Utterson and Jekyll have a conversation regarding Jekylls will


The letter 'd' is constantly being used when referring to Hyde, give a quote in this chapter that proves this and state why Stevenson might have done this

the topic (about Hyde) was "distasteful"
- Stevenson may have done this as 'd' is a harsh, strong sound which may reflect Hyde's ruthless characteristics


What quote supports the idea that Utterson doesnt like hearing Jekyll slander Lanyon?

Utterson 'ruthlessly disregards the fresh topic'
(the fresh topic: the topic about Lanyon)


What was Jekylls reaction as soon as Utterson brought up Hyde? (quote)

He "grew pale...came a blackness about his eyes"


What does Jekyll want Utterson to do after he dies and give a quote to support your answer?

He wants Utterson to fulfil his will when he (jekyll) dies

"I only ask for justice....when i am no longer here"


There is hesitation from Jekyll when he is talking about his current position, what quote was this and what does it suggest?

"very strange - a very strange one"

Jekyll may have been contemplating whether to tell Utterson about his predicament or not


Give two quotes that show Jekyll making use of the personal pronoun 'I' and what is the significance of this?

"I can be rid of Mr Hyde"
"I thank you again"

- 'I' may have been used a lot to perhaps indicate that Jekyll is trying to convince Utterson that Jekyll and Hyde are two separate bodies. (this implies that Jekyll is paranoid)


Utterson makes a comment about pretending to like Hyde, what was this quote and why is it ironic?

- "I cant pretend that I shall ever like him"

The quote is ironic because it seems Victorian Gentlemen pretend to be reputable when it is suggested that they have a sinful nature too


What word has similar sounds to 'pretend' and what could this mean?

pretend has similar sounds to 'repute' which may prove a link between the two. e.g. pretending to be reputable