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Summarise what happens in this extract?

- Utterson and Enfield go on a stroll and see Jekyll, who greets them, from a window
- Jekyll suddenly shuts the window with a fearful expression on his face


Give a quote that describes the look on Jekylls face when he suddenly shuts the window?

an expression of "abject terror and despair"


What do Utterson and Enfield say after the incident to suggest that they had 'sinned' and why?

"God forgive us, God forgive us"

They may have felt like they have sinned because they saw something that disrupted the 'procession of life'


Give a quote that describes the transition of Jekylls smile into a look of 'abject terror and despair' and what techniques have been used in this quote?

"smile was struck out of his face and succeeded with...."

- alliteration of 's' sound connotes


Why was Jekyll described to be dis...... and why?

1. disconsolate
- the word begins with 'dis' and this immediately links Jekyll with Hyde


Give a quote that tells us what day of the week it was and why is this important?

It was "Sunday" and these are religious holidays, so the evil that was present in Jekyll contrasts with the atmosphere


Give 2 quote that suggests that Utterson and Enfield were scared

1. "They were both pale"
2. "Froze the very blood"


Give a quote that links 'silence' with the incident

"Walked on once more in silence"


How many windows were there on a section of the building and why is this significant?

There were "three windows"
1 window: id
2nd window: ego
3rd window: superego