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What happens in this chapter?

- The sir danvers carew murder takes place


Why do the Police think that the murder will "make a deal of noise"

Sir danvers carew was a well known figure in London society and politics


What quotes show Hydes violent nature?

1. "bones were audibly shattered"
2. "Clubbed him to the earth"
3. "ape-like fury"


What was left at the scene of the murder?

A letter from Danvers addressed to Utterson


What time does the incident happen?

'eleven' at night


The night was 'cloudless', what could this suggest?

That hidden secrets would start to be revealed


why may have Hyde targeted the elderly in this scene?

- Hyde may have chosen him as a target because they were more vulnerable/wea in society


At what time did the maid finally report the incident to the police and why may she have done this?

The maid reported the incident 3 hours later, at 'two o'clock'. This sparks up the question 'why didnt she report the incident straight away'. (it could be due to reputation again)


Give a quote from Utterson that reintroduces the idea of keeping quiet and saying nothing (about such events)?

"I shall say nothing"


Give a quote that suggests that there is a contrast in Hyde's appearance?

"Particularly small...particularly wicked looking"


Give two quotes that show the coming and going of fog and state one thing that this transition reflects?

"fog rolled over"
"fog lifted a little"

Could reflect the change from Jekyll to Hyde and vice versa


Give a quote that suggests that the city seems like a bad dream and what two things could this tell us?

"like some city in a nightmare"

1. The city is in a nightmare that it doesnt wake up from (ofc)
2. The fact that everyone is hiding their true selves could be the 'nightmare' element and therefore, this 'nightmare' is the blanket of deception that controls the order of society


What quote implies that Victorian Gentlemen regularly sin but cover up their tracks?

"He must have lost his head, or he would never have left the stick"