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Summarise what happens in this chapter?

1- Utterson goes to Lanyon with Jekylls will to see if Lanyon knows the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde
2- Hyde and Utterson meet at 'the door'
3- Utterson goes to Jekylls house and questions poole on Hyde's business with Jekyll


What quote shows that Utterson is determined to uncover Hydes identity?

"If he shall be Mr Hyde...I shall be mr seek"


Utterson regards Hyde with a ....

"Hitherto unknown disgust, loathing and fear"


Hyde shrinks back with a "hissing...

intake of breath"


Why is utterson confused about Jekylls relationship with Hyde?

He doesnt understand why an honourable man like Jekyll would be associated with a man like Hyde


give a quote that explains why Utterson is scared for Jekyll?

Because he felt sure that he had read "satans signature on the face of Edward Hyde"


Give a quote that describes Hydes laugh in this chapter?

"Snarled aloud into a savage laugh"


Give a quote that shows Utterson is usually happy to go bed and what does this suggest?

"gratefully to bed"

- Utterson may be grateful to go to bed as he may want to be reborn as a new person and washed away from his past sins


What was written on Jekylls will?

"In case of the decease of Henry Jekyll, all of his possessions were to pass into the hands of...Edward Hyde"


Give a quote that showed that Jekylls will offended Utterson and why may this be?

"It offended a lawyer"

- He doesnt want his reputation to be seen as one that helps criminals like Hyde


Give an adjective that described Lanyon in this chapter and state what device was used in that adjective?

Lanyon was described as 'healthy' and this is ironic because he wont be healthy later on


Give 2 quotes that shows how Lanyon felt about Jekyll?

1. "began to go wrong, wrong in the mind"
- the repetition of the vague word, wrong, shows that Lanyon didnt quite understand Jekylls actions
2. "unscientific balderdash"
- this tells us what science was like during the Victorian era as Lanyon considered his work to be scientific but not Jekylls


What does Lanyon say that reminds us of Hydes satanic characteristics in the first chapter?

"i have seen devilish little of the man"


"great, dark, bed"

bed could also be a reference to...

lies as a bed is a place you lie in


What 2 quotes implicitly reference Hydes transformation into Jekyll and vice versa

1. "to and fro"
2. "began to grow large" (in stature perhaps?)


Give 2 quote that religion was a big part of everyones lives?

1. "6 o clock struck on the bells of the church"
2. "Good God" (Utterson)

- Tells us that religion controlled/surrounded everything so people may have felt a lack of freedom (like Jekyll)


Give a quote that describes Uttersons imagination in this chapter and who could this refer to?

Uttersons imagination was "rather enslaved" and Jekyll may have felt like this before creating Hyde


Give a quote that tells us when Utterson met Hyde and what does this suggest?

They met during a "fine dry night"

- Everything evil-related happens at night. This could be because things are easier to hide in the dark


What quote suggests that even pure evil has to think things through sometimes?

"Mr Hyde appeared to hesitate"


What quote and technique suggests that Utterson was scared, whilst he was in Jekylls hall?

"flickering of the firelight" (alliteration of the 'f' sound - fear?)


How do we know that it is rude, in Victorian society, to be relieved at someones absence? Give a quote to support your answer?

Utterson was "ashamed of his relief" when he found out that Jekyll had gone out.


We get a very subtle clue here that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person, what is this clue?

Poole says that Jekyll had 'gone out', just after Utterson returns from meeting 'Hyde'. (suspicious?)


Give a quote that shows Jekylls behaviour when he was younger?

"He was wild when he was young"


Give a quote that tells us how Utterson felt about Jekylls past and what could it suggest?

"His past was fairly blameless"

- maybe his past was fairly blameless because being wild at a young age was a feeling that many victorian gentlemen could relate to