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20. _____ is the product's ability to satisfy both functional needs and symbolic wants.

Product utility


21. In which of the following situations does an exchange occur?

Exchange occurs in all of the above situations.


22. According to the text, market segmentation is a two-step strategic process. The first step is to:

identify groups of people with certain shared characteristics within the broad product market


23. The second step is to:

aggregate groups of people or organizations into larger market segments


24. _____ is a useful business tool to identify new and expanded ways to improve services and enhance revenues. This tool identifies unique subsets of the population to target for specialized services and marketing initiatives.

Market segmentation


25. People who might buy Muir Glen brand organic soups are vegetarians, people who want to try something different, people who like soup, people who don't have time to cook, and people who worry about putting chemicals in their bodies. These groups are all examples of _____ for the soup.

market segments


26. Gary Silva, senior vice president of sales, U.S. Auto Parts Group at Genuine Parts, says NAPA doesn't have a cookie-cutter layout but builds stores based on market need, with each designed independently. "It would be easier if all the stores had the exact same layout, but it's not the right thing to do for independent owners because some areas have more professional customers and others have more do-it-yourselfers," he explained. From this information, you know that NAPA targets both _____ markets.

business and consumer


27. The two primary types of target markets are _____ markets.

business and consumer


28. Through marketing research, Prudential Insurance discovered that about 40 percent of its sales were initiated by current customers rather than company insurance agents. With this knowledge it used what kind of behavioristic segmentation variable to segment its market into Prudential policy holders and nonpolicy holders?

user status


29. The ad for Pepperidge Farm products reads, "Filling your kitchen with delicious aromas is a great way to ensure that your Thanksgiving holiday will be full of joyful anticipation." It would seem that the manufacturer of these products is using:

behavioristic segmentation


30. According to the research of Stephan and Tannenholz, _____ are the most brand loyal group and require the least amount of promotion.

sole users


31. Cell phone companies spend many advertising dollars appealing to people who are already heavy users of cell phones to encourage them to buy plans that over them additional minutes. These cell phone companies are using:

volume segmentation


32. Many people give fine chocolates as Christmas presents to friends and co-workers. The only time of year you will see Ferro Rocher chocolates advertised is during November and December as the company tries to create awareness for its product in the minds of consumers looking for that perfect utilitarian gift. This would be an example of:

purchase-occasion segmentation


33. The Visitors Bureau of Greenville, Mississippi, uses an ad with the following headline: "Join some others who got inspired here," and then lists the famous authors that came from this area of the state. The message in this headline indicates the city is using _____ to attract tourists.

benefit segmentation


34. A manufacturer of wax for snow skis must offer different versions of its product so that it will work in areas where the snow tends to be wet and heavy, in regions where the snow is hardpacked, and in places where the snow is a fine powder. These modifications in response to regional differences are referred to as _____ segmentation.



35. The population around Las Vegas grew more than 85 percent during the last census period. With this population growth expected to continue, St. Rose Dominican Hospital has announced plans to add a third acute-care hospital to its system in the Las Vegas area, "designed to meet the future needs of our valley's rapidly expanding population." St. Rose Dominican Hospital is relying on _____ segmentation.



36. Which of the following is an example of a variable used in demographic segmentation?



37. Home builders are using _____ segmentation to target people over 55 with homes that have wheelchair-friendly door widths, lever door handles, roll-out shelves, raised toilets, and direct 911 wiring.



38. In the health care industries, strategies that target women are becoming increasingly prevalent because capturing the female patient means influencing the vast majority of health care decisions made for families and the fact women use health services more frequently than men. If you are a health care provider, you would want to use _____ segmentation.



39. Harris Teeter is a chain of supermarkets in the Atlanta area. In one of its stores that is in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, the store has three rabbis on staff who make sure the foods sold at the store are kosher. Each of the other Harris Teeter stores has distinct characteristics that ally it with the neighborhood in which it is located. The chain is using _____ segmentation.



40. With _____, marketers group people by their values, attitudes, personality, and lifestyle.



41. Over the past decade, brands that were once available exclusively to the wealthiest among us have created more affordable product extensions, giving a far broader range of consumers a taste of the good life. Jaguar, for instance, recently launched its X-type sedan, which starts at $30,000 and is meant for the "almost rich" consumer who aspires to live in luxury. By marketing to people who desire a luxurious lifestyle, Jaguar is using:

psychographic segmentation


42. Hep Cat manufactures sweatshirts that, according to ad testimonials, "capture the essence of a cat and the heart of its owner." Hep Cat is using _____ segmentation to market its shirts.



43. Hard apple cider is making a comeback. Cider consumption should hit 15 million cases annually this decade. Early adopters of cider are the same group that first gravitated to the microbreweries. Apple cider's drinkers like the notion that it is basically a fruit drink. It conjures up healthy associations and appeals to people who do not view themselves as serious connoisseurs. What segmentation variable would you recommend Woodchuck draft cider use to define its market?



44. _____ is the pattern of attitudes and activities that help people reinforce, sustain, or modify their social and self-image.

Primary motivation


45. Two bowling alleys are three miles apart. Customers came to the bowling alley on the eastside of town for relaxation and exercise. The priority wasn't exclusively on bowling; the activity could just as easily have been billiards or swimming. The customers at bowling alley on the westside of town went bowling primarily to meet and interact with friends. Many of the league bowlers in this facility were employed in repetitive task jobs. The lanes were a place to compete with their peers and excel. This question describes the _____ for using the bowling alleys.

primary motivation


46. The Values and Lifestyles (VALS) typology uses a two-dimensional structure based on:

primary motivation and resources


47. The purpose of VALS is to:

do all of the above


48. Which of the following marketing activities most likely takes place in the business market?

the purchase of a case of Campbell's brand soup by a supermarket


49. A pizza restaurant buys fountain Coca-Cola, which it sells to its customers. The pizza restaurant is an example of a(n):