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20. At a 2005 convention chiropractors learned that only about 7 percent of Americans currently visit a chiropractor, and the small amount of media coverage about chiropractic is usually negative or wrong. What type of promotion can chiropractors use to improve their public image?

public relations


21. _____ is the promotional function that focuses on the relationships and communications that individuals and organizations have with other groups.

Public relations


1. Coca-Cola monitors any Web sites in which it is mentioned. Some of these Web sites do contain communications that is malicious, and some of their information is wrong. The people who set up these Web sites are:

part of Coca-Cola's publics


22. Coca-Cola monitors any Web sites in which it is mentioned. Some of these Web sites do contain communications that is malicious, and some of their information is wrong. When such a site is discovered, Coca-Cola has its _____ personnel respond to set the record straight without using legal jargon or highly technical communication.

public relations


23. One of the goals of PR is to develop and maintain:

goodwill with most, if not all, of its publics


24. How does advertising differ from public relations?

Advertising reaches its audience through media the advertiser pays for, and public relations does not.


25. How do advertising practitioners view public relations?

as a tool of marketing to be used to promote sales of the company's products or services


26. When public relations activities are used for marketing purposes, the process is called:

marketing public relations (MPR)


27. What is the first function performed by the public relations professional?

plan and execute the company's public relations program


28. To gauge consumer response to the c admission by Jack-in-the-Box fast food restaurant chain that it failed to heed a Washington state health department rule change that could have prevented a serious food-poisoning talked to people on the street about their feelings about the chain and what had occurred. In other words, Jack-in-the-Box used:

opinion sampling


29. Reputation management:

includes publicity and press agentry


30. In 2003, a news item on cable television misrepresented the FedEx's earnings and suggested that FedEx was not meeting Wall Street's expectations. Within a few minutes of the report, FedEx's stock dropped by nearly two dollars. Most companies deal with such coverage by demanding a correction the next day. A proactive way of dealing with such false statements and the way that impact a company is:

reputation management


31. _____ is the generation of news about a product, person, or service that appears in broadcast or print media



32. Mashti Malone's Ice Cream Shop offer the ice cream flavors Mashti and Mehdi Shirvani grew up with, like rosewater, orange blossom and ginger. The California-ship never advertised, and its co-owners were happy with word-of-mouth. But when the Food Network got a whiff of its exotic delights and decided to run a piece on the ice cream shop, its sales quadrupled. The Food Network provided _____ for the ice cream shop.



33. Which of the following statements about publicity is true?

Publicity is usually thought of as "free."


34. Paparazzi may be the scourge of Hollywood stars, but Fraser Ross appreciates the mob of photographers. Ross, owner of the celebrity-friendly L.A. boutique Kitson, said paparazzi shots of stars like Halle Berry shopping at his Robertson Boulevard store have helped to triple sales in the past year. Kitson is benefiting from:



35. To be picked up by the media, publicity must be:



36. Press agentry refers to the:

planning of activities and the staging of events to attract attention and to generate publicity


37. _____ is the planning and staging of events to generate publicity.

Press agentry


38. When Ringling's star animal trainer, Mark Oliver Gebel, was accused by two animal rights activists of abusing an elephant in his care, the world-renowned Ringling Bros. Circus decided the time had come to take a stand. The circus management immediately decided that the use of the criminal justice system to target Gebel as part of a campaign against using animals in entertainment represented a new low. The circus instituted long-term _____ to let circus-goers know that their animals were well-treated.

reputation management


39. The world-renowned Ringling Bros. Circus found it necessary to protect itself against animal rights supporters who would send the media in towns they would soon visit photos and videos claiming to document animal abuse in the circus. To counter these negative tactics, the corporate communications director, began visiting news editors ahead of time, armed with source materials and original footage to show how and where materials provided by activists were manipulated. She pointed out the age of the footage, and explained that it featured zoo animals, not circus animals, and African elephants, not the Asian elephants, that travel with Ringling Bros. The director engaged in:

Press agentry


40. In 2003, the Boston Catholic diocese reported an annual deficit of $10 million in the fund, which covers administrative costs and other centralized spending in the archdiocese. Later, the Boston Globe reported the deficit was actually $20 million. Then the diocese reported an unfunded pension liability of $80 million. The financial problems, a decline in the number of priests, and demographic trends that were emptying out a lot of the urban parishes and overfilling some of the suburban parishes, required the Boston diocese to engage in:

crisis management


41. According to Johnson & Johnson, what is the best action to take in the event of a disaster like the Tylenol poisonings?

Be open and candid.


42. According to the text, when a company is confronted with a crisis management situation it should first:

identify the problem and take immediate corrective action


43. The goal of _____ is to develop a dialog between the company and the community

community involvement


44. The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced that Staker & Parson Companies won its Community Involvement Award for "Rocks Build Our World," an outreach program for elementary schools. The Rocks Build Our World program includes both group tours of the company's corporate office facility and classroom visits targeted to fourth graders. The classroom visits start with some basic information on geology, mining methods and the uses of minerals in every day life. This is an example of:

community involvement


45. A corporate public affairs manager for a company that manufactures herbicides for farmers would most likely to have to deal with:

elected officials, regulatory agencies, legislative bodies, and various community groups


46. _____ refers to informing and persuading government officials to promote or thwart administrative action or legislation in the interest of the client.



47. The Florida Swimming Pool Association hired a full-time government relations specialist whose job will be to support or thwart legislation that affect the association's members. One of the specialist's first job was to deal with a proposed law requiring hard-wire alarm systems in all pools. This government relations specialist will be engaged in:



48. What is the most widely used PR tool?

a press release