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20. The purpose of _____ is to conceive, analyze, and creatively select channels of communication that will direct advertising messages to the right people in the right place at the right time.

media planning


21. Who is responsible for answering such questions as “where should we advertise,” “which media vehicles should we use.” and “how often should we run the advertising?”

media planners


22. Which of the following statements about media planning is true?

The job of media planning has been made more difficult by changes in the way advertising is bought and sold.


23. Why is media planning a more complicated process today than it was ten years ago?

the increasing fragmentation of the audience


24. When engaged in media-planning activities, it is important to note that media objectives directly result from:

the advertising plan


25. Which of the following would be the most appropriate advertising objective for a manufacturer of organic soup?

to increase advertising recall among adults ages 55 and older by 15 percent by next Christmas


26. The two major components of media objectives are audience objectives and:

message-distribution objectives


27. Harrah's Vieux Carré Resort and Casino has defined its target audience as people who like to gamble, are between the ages of 40 and 65, and who do not have to wait for summer vacation to enjoy their favorite hobby. To best reach its audience objective, it should most likely:

buy advertisements in slick, upscale travel magazines


28. The X Games, MTV cable TV, and Teen magazine would all be suitable _____ for Red Bull energy drink.

media vehicles


29. To determine message-distribution objectives, a media planner would need to examine all of the following EXCEPT:

cost per thousand (CPM)


30. Media planners often define media objectives by the advertising schedule's _____, the total size of the audience for a set of ads or an entire campaign.

message weight


31. A(n) _____ is a possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member.

advertising impression


32. An opportunity to see (OTS)is sometimes referred to as a(n):

ad impression


33. The two ways to express _____ are gross impressions and gross rating points.

message weight


34. When the Hermitage House Restaurant purchased time on local television, the station sales rep promised a total exposure for the ad of 32,000. In other words, the _____ for the commercial would be 32,000.

gross impressions


35. Assume the audience for Wheel of Fortune on channel 11 is 115,000. During the months of February and March, a used car dealership ran 16 ads during the show. This is the only advertising the dealership did during those two months. Its _____ equals 1,840,000.

gross impression


36. The _____ is simply the percentage of homes exposed to an advertising medium.



37. Sixty percent of the total target market heard the radio spots for a title-loan company, at least once during a four-week period. The average frequency of the advertisement was four. Calculate the gross rating points (GRPs).



38. _____ refers to the number of different people or households exposed at least once to a medium during a given period of time (usually four weeks).



39. Which of the following statements about reach is true?

Reach refers to the number of different people or households exposed to an advertising schedule during a given time period.


40. _____ measures the intensity of a media schedule.



41. Advertisers define frequency as the:

number of times an advertising message reaches the same person or household in a specified time period


42. Hardcastle Furniture is a retailer of fine leather sofas, chairs, and ottomans. It bought advertising time on radio station WKDA. Four thousand different listeners heard its radio spots six times during a four-week period, and another 2,000 heard the commercial three times during the same four-week period. Calculate the average frequency.



43. Assume that 40 percent of television households had the opportunity to hear a commercial for a Miami resort spot five times over a four-week period. What would be the GRP (gross rating points) for the commercial?



44. _____ refers to the length of time (duration) an advertising message or campaign will run over a given period of time.



45. The _____ of an ad is defined as being the average number of times a person must see or hear a message before it becomes effective.

effective frequency


46. According to the advertising response curve

the first exposure is most effective with the following exposures having diminishing effectiveness


47. The _____ describes how the advertiser will achieve its stated media objectives.

media strategy


48. To develop an effective media strategy, media planners use the Five Ms (5Ms) of the media mix. They are:

markets, money, media, mechanics and methodology


49. As an element of the media mix, the term _____ refers to not only the various targets for communication, but also to the targets' geographic location and segmentation considerations.