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20. Which of the following is NOT an example off out-of-home media?

product placements


21. What is the most commonly used type of out-of-home media?

on-premise signage


22. Which of the following statements about outdoor advertising is true?

Outdoor advertising can be used as a directional medium for tourists.


23. In the outdoor advertising industry, the three thousand local and regional plant operators around the nation are responsible for:

doing all of the above


24. Which of the following statements lists a reason why an advertiser should use outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising offers the lowest cost per exposure of any major advertising media.


25. Why would an advertiser decide against the use of outdoor advertising in favor of some other advertising medium?

Outdoor advertising is such a popular medium that demand for good locations exceed supply.


26. Bulletin structures:

are most effective in spots where traffic is heavy and visibility is good


27. You have been hired to design a billboard for a rodeo that will be a fundraiser for the local Rotary Club. Which of the following color combinations should you use to insure contrast and readability at outdoor viewing distances?

violet and yellow


28. Painted bulletins are very costly, but some advertisers overcome this expense by:

moving them to different choice locations every 2 to 3 months


29. _____ is the widely used form of outdoor advertising. It is sometimes called a standard billboard.

A 30-sheet poster panel


30. As Rosa approached the Gulfport airport, she noticed an interstate billboard with a picture of two mangled cars that appeared to have rammed into each other. At the bottom of the billboard was the name of a brake repair service and its phone number. As she drove home from the Denver airport, she saw the same billboard but with a different advertiser's name and phone number. Rosa most likely saw a:

stock poster


31. A _____ is an 8-sheet billboard that offers a panel surface of 6 by 12 feet.

junior panel


32. In Piccadilly Square in London, TDK has a giant, elaborate, animated electronic sign that incorporates movements and flashy graphics to gain attention in a high traffic area. This form of outdoor advertising is an example of a(n):



33. What is the basic unit of sale for billboards or posters?

100 showing


34. The basic unit of sale for posters is 100 gross rating points daily. One rating point equals:

one percent of a particular market's population


35. What does an outdoor advertiser buy when it buys a 100 showing?

It is having its message displayed on as many panels as needed to provide a daily exposure equal to 100 percent of the market's population.


36. How can a global positioning systems influence the outdoor advertising buy made by a media buyer?

GPS can be used to verify the value of the billboard location.


37. A media buyer has been instructed to buy billboards in Phoenix, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. His customer wants the billboards to be in areas where its target audience--Hispanic females--will most likely see it. Short of flying to each location and personally selecting a site, what can Joshua do to satisfy his customer?

He can use a global positioning system.


38. The _____ is legislation that controls outdoor advertising on U.S. interstate highways.

Highway Beautification Act of 1965


39. Transit advertising:

is a category of out-of-home media


40. ______ is a category of out-of-home media that includes bus and taxicab advertising.

Transit advertising


41. Which of the following target markets is most readily reached with transit advertising?

middle- to lower-income urban consumers


42. When given a choice between buying advertising time on a local televised gardening show and transit advertising, the owner of Hatfield Nursery chose the television program because she had heard about the problem transit advertisers have with:

limited selectivity


43. An advertiser that was looking for an advertising medium that is low in cost, environmentally sensitive, has creative flexibility, has long exposure, and has high repetitive value, he or she would most likely choose:

transit advertising


44. Jekyll Island Dogs sells wieners from its 20 stores in the greater Savannah area. The advertising manager of the organization has decided to contract with a local transit advertising firm to have its ads placed on bus benches around the city. What is the proper name for this form of advertising?

transit shelter advertising


45. You are riding a bus in Denver and see a sign advertising a local dry cleaning establishment in the wall rack above one of the bus's windows. What kind of transit advertising is this?

inside card


46. The ad promoting the six o'clock news on WSM, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee, is located on the side of one of the area's buses. This type of ad, which is usually varnished to make it weather-resistant, is called a:

outside poster


47. A used car dealer wants to place inside cards over the door of the city's buses. To keep advertising costs down, the dealer can:

print different ads on both sides of the card and order the card reversed after 60-days to save paper and shipping charges


48. One-, two-, and three-sheet ______ are used as advertising media in many bus, subway, and commuter train stations.

terminal posters


49. The owner of Second Sighting, a consignment clothing store, wants to buy a full showing when she purchases transit advertising for the store. This means the store owner:

wants one card placed in every vehicle operated by the transit system