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Components of Effective Resume

DEMOGRAPHICS (Who are you?); PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE (What position are you applying?); EDUCATION (Where did you Receive your education?); PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (What do you know how to do?); LICENSURE (What can you do and where can you do it?); PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS (What do you belong to?); HONORS & AWARDS (What did you receive recognition for?) REFERENCES.


Steps in Prep for Interview

Set up your schedule, no more than 2 interviews in 1 day, Dress for Success, Rehearse the interview.


First 5 minutes of Interview is CRITICAL!

Decision to hire or not is usually made within the first 60 seconds. You will need to put your best foot forward from the start. Show up atlas 10-15 minutes early. SMILE at everyone you meet, and shake hands firmly.


Phase 1 of Interview

Introduction, Lightweight section designed to help put you at ease. "Break the ice" section. Take slow deep breaths and relax.


Phase 2 of Interview

Finding Facts. Questions about you will most likely be asked. Resume may be used as a source of questions. Interviewers strive to have applicant talk 90% of time, this is your audition.


3rd Phase of Interview

Closing time. Interviewer may summarize what has been discussed, give you ideas of what is next in process (Tour, meeting with clinical managers, etc...) This is your time to ask questions.