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Occurs over time, no termination date, sought out by mentee, teaches networking, shares personal experiences, experiences are personal, mentoring relationship may be personal, academic, or work-related.



Has set time limit, termination date, assigned, formalized orientation, assists in fine tuning skills, offers suggestions, work-related focus.


The process of mentoring can be described in 8 words:

Lead, follow and get out of the way.


Characteristics of a good mentor

Communicates high expectations, good listeners, has empathy, offers encouragement, and is generous (share time and knowledge).


Mentor can help a nurse in 4 areas:

Workplace issues, professional development, personal growth, support and professional role model.


Honeymoon Phase

Mentor is supportive by listening and understanding when the mentee shares excitement of starting new position and passing NCLEX exam.


Shock or rejection Phase

mentors encourage mentees to discuss feelings of disillusionment and frustration.


Recovery Phase

As mentees begin to accept reality of the situation and put issues in perspective, mentor's role is to maintain an open channel of communication and encourage mentees to step out of comfort zone and try new things.


Resolution Phase

Mentors reinforce positive qualities that the mentee possesses and to encourage mentee in solving problems related to any issues involving the desire either to change nursing positions or to stay put.