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What is Nursing Research Utilization

Step by step (day by day) process incorporating critical thinking and decision making to ensure that a change in practice has a sound basis in nursing science. Transfers research practices into clinical nursing.


What are the steps of Nursing Research Utilization?

1. Preutilization
2. Assessing
3. Planning
4. Implementing
5. Evaluating


Preutilization (1st step)

Recognition that some aspect of nursing practice could be done in a safer, more efficient, more beneficial, or simply a different way. 3 phases in this step
Phase one is exploratory where nurses are consulted regarding their opinions.
Phase two identifies specific practice to be changed.
Phase three delineates the aspect of nursing that will be changed.


Assessing (2nd step)

Identification and critical evaluation of published research that is related to the practice problem identified.


Planning (3rd step)

Has 3 steps.
1. Determining the new approach
2. Establish a specific plan so new plan is applied appropriately
3. Establish a method for evaluating the new approach


Implementing (4th step)

Implementation or application of the new approach, along with the collection of the evaluation data


Evaluating (5th step)

Evaluation of implementation to determine if the new approach improved practice outcomes


Practice context

Blending of health, social, and cultural characteristics of the patient population served


Motivators for incorporating nursing research in your practice?

Are the individuals who understand the need for making a change in practice and the individuals who feel they had a part in decision-making


Barriers for incorporating nursing research in your practice?

Include limited research studies re your practice problem and the lag time from the completion of research project until the project report is published.


What is evidence based practice?

A systematic method for applying research findings to a nursing practice. The foundation of accountable, professional nursing practice. It incorporates many additional sources of data that may contribute to improved nursing care. 4 steps (Define, Identify, Plan a Practice, Implement)


Step 1 Evidence based practice

Define the problem.


Step 2 Evidence based practice

Identify, Review, and Evaluate the Data applicable to the problem.


Step 3 Evidence based practice

Design a Practice change based on the data. A written plan for the new nursing practice.


Step 4 Evidence based practice

Implement the change in nursing practice


Function of National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)

Supports education in research methods, research career development, and excellence in nursing science. Establishes National Nursing Research Agenda= topics for nursing research.
Assists with the economic recovery of US in President Obamas American Recover and Reinvestment Act.


Function of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality

Enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care services. Conducts research, develops practice guidelines, and disseminates research findings and guidelines to health care providers, and the public.


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