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Use the ABCD system when items cannot be handles right away

A pile- requires action as soon as possible
B pile- necessary, but can wait for now
C pile- Can wait until later, or when you get around to it
D pile- Don't worry about it, let someone else take care of it.

What a fucked up name for a kid - Actually I'm thinking of naming my future kid that. I may even add an E to the end. ABCDE (The "e" is silent)


Managing the telephone?

Polite comments at beginning and end of conversations
Focus on business


What to do all about email, texting, or social information?

Restrict work or school-related communications to one account, with another designated for personal use
Use your delete key aggressively and eliminate junk email without reading
Include class number or title in subject line when communicating with instructor


How organize calendar

Color code
Look ahead


When to schedule difficult activities?

During your high-energy times.


When should you engage in relaxing activity?

1 hour before going to bed. Ex) take a warm bath, read a novel, learn to initiate progressive relax techniques.


Self-care tips when Circadian rhythms are off

Bedroom is for sleeping only, avoid tv in bed, leave stressors at door, bedroom routine, create white noise, turn off phone, use earplugs, bedroom fan, eye shields, good diet.


Right Side of Brain

Creative, Flexible, spontaneous, fun, let's wing it, relax


Left Side of Brain

Structured, organized, rules are good, time limits, goals, priorities.


Five ways to handle paper:

File it, forward it, respond to it (on same sheet if possible), delegate it, discard it.


One time-management principle is:

"Don't agonize. Organize!"