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Pavalko's (1st out of 8) Dimensions to describe a profession

A profession has relevance to social values


Pavalko's (2nd out of 8)

A profession has a training or educational period


Pavalko's (3rd of 8)

Elements of Self-motivation address the way in which the profession serves the patient or family and larger social system


Pavalko's (4th of 8)

A profession has a code of ethics


Pavalko's (5th of 8)

A profession has a commitment to lifelong work


Pavalko's (6th of 8)

Members control their profession


Pavalko's (7th of 8)

A profession has a theoretical framework on which professional practice is based


Pavalko's (8 of 8)

Members of a profession have a common identity and a distinctive subculture


Benefits of belonging to your professional organization

Representation and influence in legislature, continuing education, develop leadership skills, resources, personal benefits, networking, playing a part in reshaping the future of nursing


American Nurses Assoc.

Professional assoc. for RNs. Represents by the United American Nurses (Unionized now). Because it became unionized, the Center for American Nurse (CAN) and and American Assoc of Nurse Executives (AONE) developed. This is the forefront of policy issues and represents nursing in legislative activities.


American Nurses Foundation (ANF) and American Academy of Nursing (AAN)

Serve special purposes in support of research and recognition of nursing colleagues. AAN has an honorary association for nurses who have made significant contributions to nursing profession.


International Council of Nurses (ICN)

International organization representing professional nurses. The focus is on worldwide health care and nursing issues, meets every 4 years in Switzerland.


National League for Nursing (NLN)

Individuals and Agencies are members. Focuses on improvement in nursing services and education. Recognition by the US Department of Education ensures that nursing students enrolled in accredited nursing program continue to receive Federal Student Aid.


National Student Nurse's Association (NSNA)

Independent organization complied of nursing students throughout the US. Provides educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.


National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (N-OADN)

Open to associate degree graduates, educators, students, and even states or agencies. The mission is to be the advocate for associate degree nursing education and practice while supporting advanced nursing education through academic progression.


American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS)

Provides uniformity in nursing certification. Functions as a consumer advocate in promoting nursing certification, and specialty certifications.


The American Red Cross

Volunteer agency that is supported by contributions and plays an important role in providing disaster relief and education in first aid and home health and in organizing volunteers to assist in hospitals and nursing homes.