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Automated medication management system

Automated devices that compound, measure,
count, or package and deliver a specified quantity of dosage units for a designated drug product and which
collects, controls and maintains all transaction information.



Graphic composed of parallel bars and spaces of various widths intended for use in the detection and automatic processing of item identities or other intelligence by electro-optical means.



As defined in the NMSA, Section 61-11-2(I), and pursuant to 61-11-21(C) dispensing is limited to a registered pharmacist.


Electronic signature

A unique security code or other identifier which specifically identifies the person entering information to a data processing system.



A hospital or other inpatient institution which has a pharmacy within the premises.



A list of drugs approved for use in a facility by its medical staff through the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee or its equivalent.


Hard copy

A paper-based record keeping system that is readable without the use of a special device , i.e., computer, microfiche reader, etc.



Any place offering in-patient skilled nursing, overnight care on a 24 hour basis for diagnosing, treating and providing medical or surgical care for patients.


Hospital-based skilled nursing facility

a long-term care facility or unit thereof that is an integral and subordinate part of the hospital, is operated with other departments of the hospital under common governance and professional supervision such that the skilled nursing facility and the hospital are subject to the
bylaws and operating decisions of common governing board, is fully integrated with all other services of the
hospital, is owned, operated and managed by the hospital and is physically located within said hospital.


In-house Clinic

A clinic located in a hospital which has a pharmacy within the premises. The clinic is a facility where one or more licensed practitioners diagnose and treat patients, and where drugs are stored, dispensed, distributed or administered for the diagnosis and treatment of the facility's patients; provided that 16.19.7 NMAC 2 this definition shall not include the privately owned practice of any licensed practitioner or group of licensed practitioners exempt under Section 61-11-22 of the Pharmacy Act.


Integrated Healthcare system

An integrated network of healthcare services provided by a single corporation or system. Systems offer comprehensive care which may include, acute, urgent care, long term or home health


Medication profile

A record and drug listing for each patient based on available information, containing but not limited to, patient name, patient age, sex, patient weight, current diagnosis, allergies or sensitivities, and current therapy.


Medication-use Measurement Program

A program that entails measuring, assessing, and
improving the prescribing or ordering; preparation and dispensing; administration; and monitoring of medications.


Parenteral Products

Any preparation administered by injection through one or more layers of skin tissue.


Pharmacist in charge

A pharmacist employed by the facility on either a part-time or fulltime basis as the activity of service requires and as outlined in NMAC.


Pharmacy and therapeutics committee

An advisory committee of the medical staff of the
facility recommending policy regarding evaluation, selection, and therapeutics of drugs.


Policy and Procedures Manual

Outline the scope of services for safe delivery of quality
pharmaceutical care for all patients.

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