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When shall inventory requirements for schedule I - V shall be conducted

Initial, annual, newly controlled substances, change in pharmacist in charge, and transfer of pharmacy ownership.


Annual inventory date

May 1 or set alternative date approved by the board of pharmacy. The actual inventory should not vary more than four days before or after May 1 or set alternative date.


Upon change in PIC, inventory must be taken within

72 hours


Inventory shall include

(1) the date;
(2) time taken (i.e., opening or close of business);
(3) drug name;
(4) the drug strength;
(5) the drug form (e.g., tablet, capsule, etc.);
(6) the number of units or volume;
(7) the total quantity. A commercial container which has been opened shall be the exact count or measure of substances listed in schedule I or schedule II. If the substance is listed in schedule III, IV or V, he shall make an estimated count or measure of the contents, unless the container holds more than 1,000 tablets or capsules in which case the count must be exact;
(8) expired or unusable controlled substances shall be documented as such, and inventoried.
(9) The name, address and DEA registration number of the registrant.
(10) The signature of the person or persons responsible for taking the inventory.


A significant loss or theft of a controlled substance shall be reported in writing to the board of pharmacy and DEA on form 106 as required by federal regulations. “Significant loss” includes suspected diversions, in-transit losses or any other unexplained loss and must be reported to the board of pharmacy within _______ of becoming aware of that loss.

5 days


Records of disposition shall be maintained in proper form and available for inspection for at least _______

3 years

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