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Approved training area

A place for instructing an intern for licensure subject to requirements of the board.


Approved program

A program of training as outlined by the "standards of practice."


Computed time

Time credited towards the training period which begins from the date of intern registration and continues under the requirements of the approved program. Computed time shall consist of a maximum of 48 hours per week acquired in the internship program; including those hours acquired in an academic clinical pharmacy program, extern program, radiopharmacy program, or a "demonstration project" approved by the board.



A pharmacy student or a graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy and registered in an approved program of supervised training.


Intern certificate of registration

Certificate furnished by the board upon approval of, application for registration of intern, received from the intern applicant.


Training period

1500 hours if in the doctor of pharmacy program of structured internship experience under the instruction of a licensed pharmacist that is a board approved or college approved preceptor, said hours to be acquired after the satisfactory completion of all courses in the first semester of college of pharmacy curriculum, or its equivalent. Satisfactory completion requires that the student be eligible to progress in the college of pharmacy curriculum.


Structured internship experience

May be obtained through academic internship hours for a minimum of 1500 internship hours satisfactorily completed and documented in an academic setting in the doctor of pharmacy program.



A licensed pharmacist who meets those requirements for the supervision and training of an intern as stipulated in Subsection D of NMAC of this regulation.



The preceptor shall maintain personal contact with the intern and shall be responsible for the required training at all times during the training period.

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