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Any facility where one or more licensed practitioners diagnose and treat patients, and where drugs are stored, dispensed, distributed or administered for the diagnosis and treatment of the facility's patients; provided that this definition shall not include the privately owned practice of any licensed practitioner or group of licensed practitioners exempt under Section 61-11-22 of the Pharmacy Act.


Dispensing unit

A container or containers of a drug entity, either prepackaged (repackaged per Board requirements) or the manufacturer's original container(s), containing a quantity suitable for the prescribed treatment or condition.



Delivery of a dispensing unit (as defined in this section) by a licensed practitioner to a patient of the clinic by means other than dispensing.


Drug Storage Area

An area restricted to the storage, dispensing and distribution of dangerous drugs.


Medical records

The medical information gathered and maintained for a clinic's patient, including but not restricted to the patients weight, height, sex, D.O.B., allergies, diagnosis and treatments.



The direct delivery, physically or electronically, of dangerous drug stock unopened containers, except samples, from a clinic or the clinic's supplier to a pharmacy to be dispensed by the pharmacy to patients of the clinic.

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