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The New Mexico board of pharmacy.


Electronic link

A real time, continuous HIPAA-compliant computer video and audio link between the hub pharmacy and the remote tele-pharmacy during all hours of the remote tele-pharmacy’s operation and in compliance with Paragraph (4) of Subsection A of NMAC.


Indirect supervision

Continuous supervision through a constant live video link with not less than four camera views which provide for real time live monitoring by the hub pharmacy of the remote tele-pharmacy which is recorded for a minimum of 90 days. This indirect supervision must be in compliance with Subsection B of NMAC.


Patient-pharmacist audio visual link

A real time HIPAA-compliant audio visual link from the private patient counseling area of the remote tele-pharmacy to the pharmacist at the hub pharmacy.


Hub pharmacy

A board licensed pharmacy located in New Mexico operating under the direct control of a board registered pharmacist from which computer-aided pharmacist supervision of a remote tele-pharmacy occurs.


Hub pharmacist

A board registered pharmacist who provides the indirect supervision of a remote tele-pharmacy via HIPAA-compliant electronic link that includes provisions for visual observations and inspection of the inside of the remote tele-pharmacy and all prescription orders prior to dispensing and is in compliance with Subsection B of NMAC. This oversight is to include visual inspection of and patient consultation for any prescription order dispensed from the remote tele-pharmacy.



The pharmacist for the hub pharmacy from which the hub pharmacist oversees the day to day operation of a remote tele-pharmacy and who shall comply with NMAC.


Pharmacist site visits

The visitation and inspection of the tele-pharmacy by the hub pharmacist by which the hub pharmacist is physically present to assess the remote tele-pharmacy’s compliance with all laws and regulations.


Remote dispensing site

A pharmacy location primarily staffed by technicians and remote dispensing technology electronic link and indirect supervision with required pharmacist supervision and pharmacist site visits.


Remote tele-pharmacy

A board licensed pharmacy located in the state of New Mexico staffed by a remote tele-pharmacy technician who practices under the direct, computer aided and supervision of a hub pharmacist working from the hub pharmacy by electronic link during all hours of operation.


Remote tele-pharmacy technician

A board registered pharmacy technician employed by the hub pharmacy, with a minimum of 2,000 hours of experience working as a certified registered pharmacy technician who under the computer aided supervision of an off-site pharmacist, handles the day to day operation of a remote tele-pharmacy, including the preparation and dispensing of prescription drugs.


Practice of tele-pharmacy

The provision of pharmacist care by board licensed pharmacies and board licensed pharmacists through the use of telecommunications or other technologies to patients or their agents at a remote tele-pharmacy site.

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