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Licensed Facility

Any facility, skilled nursing facility, intermediate care or any other upper level of care facility as defined by Health and Human Services Department that is required to maintain custody of patients drugs in a drug room, and such drugs are administered by the facilities' designated personnel.


Licensed Custodial Care Facility

Any facility or business, including non-profit entity which provides care and services on a continuing basis, for two or more in-house residents, not related to the operator, and which maintains custody of the residents' drugs.


Consultant Pharmacist

A pharmacist who is responsible to the administrator of the facility and the board of pharmacy for the development of the drug storage and distribution and record-keeping requirements of a licensed nursing home facility, and as further defined in NMAC


Designated Agent

A licensed nurse, certified nurse practitioner, physician assistant, pharmacist or pharmacist clinician authorized by a practitioner and employed in a facility to whom the practitioner communicates a prescription drug order.


Prescription Drug Order

An order from a practitioner or a practitioner's designated agent to a pharmacist for a drug or device to be dispensed.

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