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Having a written agreement (to include” business associate agreements” as required by federal law) between parties to ensure the authenticity and prescribing authority of each prescriber transmitting prescriptions, sufficient security to prevent the fraudulent creation or alteration of prescriptions by unauthorized parties, and assurance that “network vendors” or electronic prescription transmission intermediaries involved in the transmission and formatting of the prescription can provide documentation of chain of trust of who has had access to prescription content. Electronic prescription transmissions by non “contracted” parties will be invalid.


Drug utilization review (DUR)

Evaluating or reviewing the patient record in order to determine the appropriateness of the drug therapy for a patient and which includes the prospective drug review in 16.19.4 NMAC and the verification of data entries including the correct interpretation and input of written prescriptions and the drug regimen review (Subsection L of Section 61-11-2 NMSA 1978) as required by the board.


Electronically transmitted prescriptions

Communication of original prescriptions, refill authorizations, or drug orders, including controlled substances to the extent permitted by federal law, from an authorized licensed prescribing practitioner or his or her authorized agent directly or indirectly through one or more “contracted” parties to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice by electronic means including, but not limited to, telephone, fax machine, routers, computer, computer modem or any other electronic device or authorized means.


Electronic signature

An electronic sound, symbol or process attached to or logically associated with a prescription record.


Network vendor

Prescription transmission intermediary “contracted” by business associate agreements with appropriate parties involved, including point of care vendors, pharmacy computer vendors, pharmacies, to transmit the prescription information only having access to the prescription content to make format modification to facilitate secure and accurate data transmission in a format that can be received and deciphered by the pharmacy.


Point of care vendor

An entity contracted with a prescriber to generate or transmit electronic prescriptions authorized by a practitioner directly to a pharmacy or to a “contracted” intermediary or “network vendor”, who will ultimately transmit the prescription order to a patient’s pharmacy of choice. Vendor must provide an unbiased listing of provider pharmacies and not use pop-ups or other paid advertisements to influence the prescriber’s choice of therapy or to interfere with patient’s freedom of choice of pharmacy. Presentation of drug formulary information, including preferred and non-preferred drugs and co-pay information if available, is allowed.



A licensed practitioner who generates a prescription order and assumes responsibility for the content of the prescription.


Remote pharmacist DUR site

A remote pharmacist practice site electronically linked to the New Mexico licensed pharmacy it operates through at which a pharmacist conducts drug utilization reviews. No dispensing will occur from a remote pharmacist DUR site.


Advertising or to advertise

To inform customers by any means such as, but not limited to, shelf tags, preticketing, display card, handbills, billboards, and advertisements in the newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio and television or by mail



Any person or firm which advertises dangerous drug prices or services, defined as the practice of pharmacy (Subsection BB of Section 61-11-2 NMSA 1978), to consumers in this state



Includes services as well


Price disclosure

Is defined as in-store verbal disclosure of price, disclosure of prices by telephone, price lists, posters in-store containing retail prices for selected drugs indicating "our price".



The New Mexico board of pharmacy.


Nonresident pharmacy

Any pharmacy located outside New Mexico that ships, mails or delivers in any manner prescription drugs to New Mexico patients or consumers. For purposes of this definition only, “delivers” includes the provision of dispensing process pharmacy services such as prescription entry, prospective drug review, or prescription verification.


Prescription drugs

Any drug required by federal or New Mexico law or regulation to be dispensed only by a prescription and includes "dangerous drugs" and "controlled substances" as defined by federal and New Mexico law.


Resident state

The state in which the nonresident pharmacy is a resident.


Centralized prescription dispensing

The dispensing or refilling of a prescription drug order by a retail or nonresident pharmacy.



As defined in Paragraph (1) of Section 61-11-2, and pursuant to Subsection C of Section 61-11-21 NMSA 1978, dispensing is limited to a registered pharmacist.


Automated drug distribution system or automated medication system

Or, “system” means a mechanical system that performs operations or activities, other than compounding or administration, related to the storage, packaging, or dispensing of drugs, and collects, controls, and maintains transaction information and records.


Health care facility

A facility licensed under 16.19.11 NMAC or an inpatient hospice facility licensed under NMAC.


Managing pharmacy

An in-state retail pharmacy licensed by the board, pursuant to 16.19.6 NMAC that controls and is responsible for the operation of an automated drug distribution system.


Multi-disciplinary committee

The pharmacist-in-charge, or the consultant pharmacist, and one or more representatives of the health care facility.


Override medication

(a) a drug that may be removed from an automated medication system prior to pharmacist review because the multi-disciplinary committee has determined that the clinical status of the patient would be compromised by delay;
(b) a drug determined by the multi-disciplinary committee to have a low risk of drug allergy, drug interaction, dosing error, or adverse patient outcome, which may be removed from an automated medication system independent of a pharmacist's review of the medication order or clinical status of the patient.


Automated filling system

An automated system used by a pharmacy in the state of New Mexico to assist in filling a prescription drug order by selecting, labeling, filling, or sealing medication for dispensing. An “automated filling system” shall not include automated devices used solely to count medication that is then subject to final product check by a pharmacist prior to dispensing, vacuum tube drug delivery systems, or automated dispensing and storage systems used to dispense medication directly to a patient or to an authorized health care practitioner for immediate distribution or administration to the patient.


Electronic verification system

An electronic verification, bar code verification, weight verification, radio frequency identification (RFID), or similar electronic process or system that accurately verifies medication has been properly dispensed and labeled by, or loaded into, an automated filling system.


Manufacturer unit of use package

A drug dispensed in the manufacturer’s original and sealed packaging, or in the original and sealed packaging of a repackager, without additional manipulation or preparation by the pharmacy, except for application of the pharmacy label.



Any drug that has been removed from the original packaging of the manufacturer or an FDA repackager and is placed in a properly labeled dispensing container by a pharmacy for use in an automated filling system for the purpose of dispensing to the ultimate user from the establishment in which the prepacking occurred.



Registered with the United States food and drug administration (FDA).



The direct application of a drug to the body of a patient or research subject by injection, inhalation, ingestion or any other means as a result of an order of a licensed practitioner



The New Mexico Board of Pharmacy

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