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Most sources of ignition at sites:

Only present when construction crews are on the scene working
-fires spotted are small


Fire watch should remain in areas looking for signs of hidden fire for:

30 minutes after work completed


Stream of choice for buildings under construction:

Elevating platform
2 in. tip
>1100 gpm, 100 ft deep


2 concerns involving hoists

First, hoist shut down on nights and weekends
Second (most important) 2 types of hoist = 1) people 2) materials/equipment.
People hoist will have control position
*look for labels!*


3 conditions involving standpipes:

Floor outlet valves open
Top of riser open
Riser sectional valve closed (usually OS and Y, often found in mechanical equipment room)


Most serious collapse threat in bldgs under construction:

Poured-in-place reinforced concrete


Fire protection components

Sprinkler, standpipe and fire doors


Before opening up streams, the first activity should be:

To clear all personnel from areas in the streets below on the sides OPPOSITE the nozzle


Vertical openings in a building under construction create problems (2)

Protected by rope or lightweight wood-FF crawling might fall into shaft
Openings vertically aligned so burning debris will rain down


When buildings is occupied, there may be three or more staircases. It's is common practice to _____________. If a fire department ladder is put up _____________, the remaining ladders are in place.

Remove the lower ladder at night to prevent entry
To the second floor


Buildings under construction or demolition should be conducted with extreme caution. There is _________________ in these situations. On the other hand, there are ______________ at a serious fire.

Rarely a civilian life hazard
A great number of hazards to firefighters


Concerning asbestos, this area is an extremely combustible space:

Intermediate chamber, where people undergo decon


Fire protections systems
_________ will be among the last items completed during construction

Sprinkler systems


At an absolute minimum, the standpipe riser and outlets should progress to ____________ of the highest level under construction.

Within 2 floors


Most standpipe systems in buildings under construction will be _______________, at least temporarily. All that may be provided is an FDC: just _____________.

Nonautomatic dry

Two black pipes with swivels sticking out through a fence or a tarpaulin.


It isn't unusual to find _________ left in the open position, especially the ones in the _______.

Floor outlet valves



First arriving units at a fire in a building under construction should make it a habit to ___________________ before proceeding upward.

Test the first floor outlet for water


Two other conditions found involving standpipe systems of buildings where work is in progress: (besides floor outlet valves open)

Top of the riser is left open without a shutoff of any kind.
Riser sectional valve may be installed to divide the system into two or more zones.
*these valves are ALL of an indicating type, usually OS and Y*


If spray-on fibrous coating is missing from steel I-beams and columns, the steel will lose its strength at:

Approximately 1,500F


Post-tensioned concrete
During _____________, which can take ___________, if the cables fail, could cause a catastrophic collapse.

Jacking phase, several weeks


Weight for unhardened concrete and time for concrete to harden enough to support its own weight.

150 lbs per cu. ft.
48 hrs


The floor below the most recently poured concrete is ________________. The _______ posts are spaced every _____ in each direction. After the first 48, the formwork is stripped off. The floors will still be braced with ____ spaced every ______.

Veritable lumberyard of plywood and 4x4 posts
4x4, 4 ft.
4x4, 8 ft.


The firefighter death rate at vacant building fires is more than ________ that of fires in occupied residential buildings. All in all, these are __________.

3-5 times
Firefighter traps


Empty box:
Box with one line drawn diagonally:
Box with X in it:

Empty-normal structural stability, interior operations.
One line-some serious hazards, ops from outside if possible, if small fire, interior ops only after careful examination.
X-severe hazards, ALL FFing from exterior, crews to enter must get permission from IC, few people as possible.


The only way to prevent the actual occurrence of such a catastrophe is through a combination of _______, ________ and _________.

proper Engineering.
Enforcement of applicable codes.
Educating the owners and occupants.