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MDs pose a high life hazard...

Regardless of time of day


Fire at MDs are a made to order situation for:



Heavy fire showing in 2 or more apartments

Time to bring out 2 1/2 in. hose


Apartments in wings may have two exits, one to each staircase but no:

Fire escape


The presence of ______, ______, or _______ stairs are critical PREPLANNING information the IC needs for strategy and tactics.

Single, isolated or wing
- Isolated and Wing=officer in command and members on FG.


Type of stairs where Staircase maintains constant location on each floor

Return Stairs


Difference in PDs vs MDs

PDs = 1-2 families.
MDs = 3 or more families.


After first 2 lines stretched and protecting stairway, any add'l lines stretched should:

Take alternate route to avoid overcrowding stairway.
*3 or 4 up one staircase okay for protecting secondary exits, remote area to cut off extension, lines above a fire*.


No aerial view or preplanning drawing is available, the ______ may be only people with understanding of overall layout.

Roof team


Wings are identified:

Left to right, as command is looking at them. Start with A, then next to the right as B, so on.


It is in the ______ that stairways, elevator shafts, compactors, incinerators and other bldg features are found.

*platform with turntable in line with throat-telescoping boom or elevating platform-no aerial ladder*


Ch 14, ___________ likely to be one of the hottest places in bldg other than fire apartment

Stairway that leads to bulkhead


______ is the PREFERRED way of reaching most roofs, because it is totally independent of the structure.

Aerial device


FIRST choice for reaching the roof, even over aerial device

Adjoining building (if bldgs built in rows) {chOIce = adjOIning}
-much faster and safer.
-unless common cockloft.


Greatest danger areas, in order (MDs - Ch 14)

1) Fire floor.
2) floor above fire floor.
3) top floor


Interior search team has the fire floor. If the roof team is done on the roof, they will descend via fire escape. Where the fire is dictates where they go:

Fire venting out windows to fire escape (lower floor)-roof team starts at top floor and works down.
Fire on top floor-vent windows of top floor to assist search.


Method to put roof members in position to reach trapped victims sooner than any other method

Descent down REAR fire escape.
-particularly fire in vicinity of main entrance.
-best chance of survival.


Three factors changed the way FFs look at MDs

Vacant bldg situation (Rust Belt)
-unmaintained, weather.
Ltwght/Truss Construction (Sun Belt).
Partial collapse from metal cornices (collapse zone beneath cornice)


Fireproof multiple dwellings are designed to:

Act as our ally


Threats when wind and no wind through windows

No wind = routine, threat is smoke (vent stairwell 👍🏻).
Wind = severe, threat is actual flame and high heat (vent stairwell 👎🏻), draws fire to stair.


Fans (PPV) useful at stopping chimney effect in stairwell if:

No other exhaust openings nearer the apartment door.
As long as wind remains under 25 mph.


Hotstop-M characteristics

-10 x 12 ft.
-1500F unlimited/2000F 15 minutes (adequate 2500F and higher).
-Kevlar ropes on 4 corners.
-lowered from 2 flrs above, tightened 1 flr below.
-squad and rescue companies
-chains lower edge


K.O. Fire Curtain's characteristics

-6 x 6 ft.
-light enough, carried by one member (routine tool).
-every ladder company.


Floor-below nozzle characteristics

-1 1/2 in. pipe , bent back on itself at 135 degrees.
-connected to any handline.
-15/16 in. tip (180 gpm).
-Close stairway doors, everyone out of halls.


Ways to recognize MDs, apart from size and obvious indications (5)

Counting gas or electric meters.
Doorbells or mailboxes.
Fire escape.
Information received "smoke from apt. 4".
Presence of padlocks on interior rooms (SROs)



"Single room occupancies".
Demand fast reinforcements for search.
Each and every door forced and searched.
Low-income areas with these also areas of highest incidence of fires


Self-closing devices removed in?

Especially true in senior citizen apt complexes AND those housing disabled occupants who use wheelchairs and walkers


Light and airshafts pose a danger of fire extending ____________ as well as _______________. This is common because of the _____________.

Horizontally across the shaft
Vertically, due to autoexposure or lapping flames

Window layout, often directly above or opposite the window of the fire apartment.


Light and airshafts.
While waiting for hoseline, search crews can greatly slow entry of fire by:

Removing all combustible materials, such as curtains and by judicious use of portable extinguishers OR even pots of water from the sink


Two greatest THREATS to the structure in the event of fire are from ________ and ________.

Pipe chases.
Channel rails (spaces around VERTICAL columns)