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Most serious design defect in multistory homes is:

Lack of enclosed stairway


2nd major problem (PDs)
- after open stairway

Lack of code requirements for interior finishes


Proper position for first engine is:

Just PAST fire bldg


Ledger board sign of:

Balloon frame construction


Majority of fire in private dwellings (PDs) is where

Below the 2nd story
-either cellar or 1st floor


Fire deaths in private dwellings (PDs)

More than 70%


PDs firefighting activities (4)

Stretch charged line to protect bedroom exits
VES of ALL areas
Extinguish fire


Second line assignment

Backup-same location as first
If needed, assist first and third line brought in as backup
If not needed, covers floor above fire


By far the fastest method of applying water (PDs)

Inline stretch of LDH, from hydrant into the fire


Serious cellar fire and suspect balloon framing.
Outside wall, tear off molding, punch a hole and find 2x4 lying flat, this is a plate and _____________.

Balloon framing IS NOT present


If fire in balloon frame, 3 lines:

First to cellar
Second back up first
Third goes to top floor or attic


Exceptions to roof vent with lower floor fires (2)

Cellar or basement fire in balloon-frame house
Lower-floor fire vents out window and ignites combustible siding, extending up eaves (most serious-asphalt/gasoline siding)


PDs are primarily constructed with __________. These designed to shed snow better than flat, so joists can be ________. So ________ is common.

Peaked roofs
Of smaller size
2x6 in. lumber, 16-24 in. on center (maybe even 2x4 in older)


Old to new, roof sheathing in PDs

Furring strips, 1x2 in., 6 in. on center THEN
1x6 tongue and groove for sheathing
Latest is plywood or OSB for surface (same or LESS stability as T and G)


Slate vs Tile

Slate-scraped off
Tile-pried off with pointed tool
BOTH broken loose, sharp edged, heavy, extremely slick


Venting roof
Safety again dictates __________ members (preferably experienced) be assigned to the task.

At least two


Low pitch roofs

15-20 degrees
Power saw may be used


High pitched roofs

Circular and chain saws extremely dangerous
If not operating from basket, use an axe


Side of the peak in which the hole should be made is determined by the direction of the wind

Hole on downwind side-helps gas escape
Hole on upwind side-heat blown back toward HOSELINE crew


(Roof)Weight that under fire conditions that could be straw that breaks camels back?

Older satellite dishes


3 cuts for roof (PDs)

Standard cut-4x4 ft. cut, spans at least 2 joists and 14 nails
Quick cut-allows roof to hinge, plywood sheathing
Triangular opening-(from basket) spans several joists, difficult to cut, limited vent, advantage-member never sets foot on roof


If solar panels are located directly over the best site for ventilation, must decide whether to: (2)

Move farther away from seat of fire OR
Place it on the other side of the peak
*Conditions at scene must dictate this decision*


Most authorities recommend a hole of approximately ________ for private dwelling fires.

4 x 4 ft