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What may patients be at risk of if CNS STIMULATION is expected?

Clients may be at risk for seizures and precautions must be taken.


What is extrapyramidal symptoms?

Abnormal body movements assoc with meds affecting the CNS, such as those used to treat mental health disorders


What are anticholinergic adverse effects?

They are effects that result in muscarinic receptor blockades. Most effects are seen in the eyes, smooth muscle, exocrine glands, and the heart.
Teach pt. dry mouth can be relieved by drinking, photophobia can b managed by wearing sunglasses, urine retention can be relieved by urinating before taking med.


What do adverse effects of the cardiovascular system affect

It involves the blood vessels and the heart.


What may adverse reactions of the GI system result from?

It may result from local irritation of the GI tract.
Stimulation of the vomiting center Also results in adverse effects.


What class of meds may affect the GI system?

NDAIDS may cause GI upset. Advise clients to take these medications with food.


What would a liver function test be needed for?

When clients start a med known to be hepatotoxic.


What are some manifestations of hepatoxicity?

Nausea, vomiting, jaundice, and anorexia


What do aminoglycosides injure?

Aminoglycosides injure cells in the renal tubules of the kidney.


What med may be used to minimize liver failure?

an antidote for the management of potentially hepatotoxic overdose of acetaminophen administer within 8-10 hrs IV or 24 hrs. Orally.


What is the trade name of diphenhydramine



What is an anaphylactic reaction

It is a life threatening immediate allergic reaction that causes respiratory distress, severe bronchospasm, and cardiovascular disease.


What is treatment of an anaphylactic reaction?

Treat with epinephrine, bronchodilators, and antihistamines.
Provide respiratory support
Inform provider


Name a immunosuppressant medication?

Monitor for delayed wound healing, and subtle manifestations of infection such as a sore throat.


What meds can be given together to increase their affects?

albuterol (Proventil) a beta 2- adrenergic agonist inhaler, 5 min prior to using triamcinolone (Azmacort), a glucocorticoid inhaler, to increase the absorption of triamcinolone acetonide.


What does phenytoin ( Dilantin) increase?

Phenytoin increases hepatic medication-metabolizing enzymes that affect warfarin and thereby decrease the serum level & the effect of warfarin.


ondansetron hydrochloride

An antiemetic, may be administered to counteract the side effects of nausea and vomiting for clients receiving Chemo.


What does fluconazole inhibit?

Diflucan inhibits hepatic medication metabolizing enzymes that affect aripiprazole ( Ambilify) and thereby increase serum levels of this med.


What will eating foods with tyramine do?

Consuming foods with tyramine while taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors ( MAOI's) can lead to HYPERTENSIVE CRISIS.
avoid foods such as cheese and processed meats .


What effect can VIT K decrease?

VIT K can decrease the therapeutic effects of warfarin and place clients at risk for developing blood clots.
Clients taking Coumadin should include a consistent amt of VIT K in their diet


The med tetracycline can interact with what foods?

Tetracycline can interact with a cheating agent, such as milk, and form an insoluble, unabsorable compound.
Instruct clients not to take tetracycline within 2 hrs of consuming dairy products.


What effect does grapefruit juice seem to have on medications?

Grapefruit juice seems to act by inhibiting medications metabolism in the small bowel, thus increasing the amt of meds available for absorption of certain oral medications.
This increases either the therapeutic effects or the adverse reactions.


What effect does morphine ( Duramorph) have?

It depresses the respiratory function so it should be used with caution for clients who have asthma or impaired respiratory function.


Category A drugs

No evidence of risk to fetus during pregnancy based on adequate and well controlled studies.


Category B drugs

There is no evidence of risk to animal fetuses based on studies, but there is no adequate and well controlled studies in pregnant woman.


Category C drugs

Adverse effects have been demonstrated on animal fetuses. There are no adequate and well controlled studies in pregnant woman.


Category D DRUGS

Adverse effects have been demonstrated on human fetuses based on data from investigational or marketing experience , but the use of medication during pregnancy may be warranted based on the potential benefits.


Category X drugs

Adverse effects have been demonstrated in animal and human fetuses based on studies and data from investigational or marketing experience.
The use of this med is contraindicated during pregnancy because the risks outweigh the potential benefits.


Glucocorticoids should not be taken by a client who has what?

Should not be taken by a client who has a possible systemic fungal infection.
Therefore the nurse should recognize the contraindication and notify the provider.


What pregnancy category is warfarin?

Category X