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What are bacteriocidal medications

They are directly lethal to the microbe


What are bacteriostatic meds used for

They slow the growth of the microbe, but it is actually destroyed by the clients immune system response of phagocytic cells to eliminate the bacteria.


Disk diffusion test ( Kirby Bauer)

Is the most common sensitivity test. The degree of medication sensitivity is determined by the amt of bacteria free zone on the disk.
They are commonly used for microbes that are resistant to determine which antibiotic will be effective.


What is the serial dilution method

It is a quantitative method using several test tubes with varying amounts of the antibiotic that helps determine the necessary amount of antibiotic to treat a specific infection.


What is MIC

Minimum inhibitory concentration

The amount of antibiotic to completely inhibit bacterial growth but does not kill the bacteria.


What is MBC

Minimum bacteriocidal concentration

The lowest concentration of the antibiotic that kills 99.9% of the bacteria.


How should antibiotic dosage be adjusted

It should be adjusted to produce the concentration greater than or equal to the MIC to kill the bacteria.


What is a gradient diffusion

It uses a disk and strips with varying concentrations of antibiotic
The antibiotic concentration needed is identified when bacteria no longer grow


What type of antibiotics does a immune compromised person need

An immunocompromised person needs strong bacteriocidal antibiotics as opposed to bacteriostatic MEDS.


What is a adverse effect of gentamicin

It causes hearing loss to infants


What is a adverse effect of tetracyclines

Is causes discoloration of a infants developing teeth and in the mother an increased chance of toxicity.


A nurse is reviewing lab findings to identify the antibiotic that Amy be prescribed to treat the clients urinary tract infection, what tests of the clients urine would provide this info

A sensitivity test identifies the most effective antibiotic used to treat a specific organism.