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What are the three types of therapeutic relationships as proposed by Gelso and Hayes (1998)?

Transference configuration: the idea that feeling/attitudes towards the therapist are influenced by experiences from previous significant relationships

The real relationship – established through the magnitude of genuineness realism and the absence of transference

The working alliance – showing the client that therapy is a collaborative approach which is strongest when goals tasks are agreed upon and there is mutual respect between a client and the therapist


Give some information about the transference consideration

It is affected by attachment patterns
Is a focus of psychodynamic approaches
Can include countertransference which must be managed by self insight, anxiety management, empathy and conceptualising


Describe the real relationship

Is the opposite end of the spectrum to the transference configuration
Can be enhanced by authenticity reliability and respect
Is characterised by realism and genuineness


Describe the working alliance

The working alliance is characterised by goals tasks and bond


List some general facts about the therapeutic alliance

The therapeutic alliance provides a corrective emotional experience

The alliance changes through therapy and character rise by rupture and repair

Client resistance can be positive as it indicates a strong sense of self