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What is the American psychological Association outlined the role of a clinical psychologist to be?


assess, diagnose, predict, prevent, improve behaviour, and treat patients

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What are the Australian psychology accreditation Council's (2010) guidelines and the Australian psychological Society course approval guidelines stated key competencies?

Six key competencies

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Knowledge of the discipline, ethical legal and professional matters, psychological assessment and measurement, intervention strategies, research and evaluation, communication and interpersonal relationships.

In addition to the six core competencies there are additional factors of:
cross cultural context, lifespan practice, ongoing professional development.


What does knowledge of the discipline mean

Key word: broad understanding of MH

Having a broader understanding of mental health including psychopathology psychopharmacology theoretical knowledge and the ability to utilise and conceptualise the information through a scientific approach


What does ethical legal and professional matters mean?

Familiarity with APS code of ethics e.g. respect of rights and dignity integrity and propriety, and understanding ethical issues and how to address them knowing which bodies to turn to when ethical issues become complex and additional support maybe needed as well as knowing the various roles of the psychologist and associated stakeholders


What does psychological assessment and measurement mean

Test administration of common standardised tests including intelligence memory and emotion. Also understanding of theoretical basis for why specific assessments are used for specific populations or conditions, ability to carry out multiple methods for assessing the severity and types of mental health conditions, classification systems, clinical interviewing and diagnostic processes


What does intervention strategies mean

Ability to carry out a treatment or service, understanding the scientific evidence base for treatment of specific mental health disorders, counselling skills, interpersonal skills, ability to measure the effectiveness of treatment, flexibility and ability to identify if intervention needs to be modified.


What does research and evaluations mean?

Ability to identify questions that arise from clinical practice, communication of research methods to other contexts, formulate hypotheses, draw inferences collating and critiquing published in empirical data, awareness of the C and reliability and ability to translate darter into clinical contexts


What does communication and interpersonal relationships mean

Ability to provide oral and written reports to various stakeholders, communicate and collaborate with other parties and interest, maintain constructive relationships, ability to reflect and be mindful of personality and preferences of others and yourself and knowing how these factors might impact the therapeutic alliance established


What things do you need to include in this answer?

APA - ADPPIT - Role of a psychologist

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