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What was wrong with the initial research about therapist factors?

Early studies indicated that outcomes could vary greatly across therapists

These studies were unsuccessful because of:
poor methodology
mixed results
ambiguous outcomes measures

New paradigms emerged which were more effective, and confirmed various levels of effectiveness across therapists - 20% outcome variables can relate to therapist factors


What declines think about therapist factors importance?

Clients rate the therapist as one of the most important aspects of the treatment process


What does the research say about NURTURE factors with respect to therapist factors?

TRAINING: While research has indicated that training has a positive effect, there is debate regarding exactly what can and cannot be taught

EXPERIENCE: Years of experience – can help with complex therapeutic techniques but maybe mitigated by therapist capacity to learn from experience and make efforts to improve


What nature characteristics impact on therapist variables

Positive: wants, acceptance, positive regard, respectful collaboration, flexibly adapting to client means, openness, tolerance, honesty, trustworthiness, confidence, alertness, interest, friendliness, depth, willingness to explore issues, reflectiveness, activity, ability to accurately interpret, being affirming, attending to clients experience, being supportive and creative, managing the anxiety, establishing and maintaining interpersonal emotional boundaries, communicating into personal information, trying different ways to deal with problems, and dissuading clients from engaging in unhealthy behaviours.

Negative: blaming, attacking, rejecting, belittling, ignoring, and neglecting


What are the general positive and negative factors WRT the therapist?

Positive - warmth, friendliness, depth, interest, tolerance, honesty, trustworthiness

Negative - Blaming, attacking, rejecting