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Define evidence based practice

Keywords: integration, health care

Evidence based practice involves the integration of best available evidence with clinical practice in an attempt to ensure the most effective and appropriate treatment for clients

It is now a key feature of all major health care systems and informs health care policy to increase the likelihood of best health outcomes for the public


The APA presidential task force on evidence based practice (2005) proposed effective clinical practice is guided by three data strands, what are they?

Be really careful every paper cuts

Best research
Clinical expertise
Patient characteristics


Describe the process of utilising evidence based practice in psychology as described by Spring 2011?

The five As

Ask questions
Acquire evidence


What three roles do psychologists perform with respect to the EBP approach

Be really careful, every paper cuts.

Peruse research slowly, really carefully.

Primary research

systematic reviewer of others research and

clinician assessing and using data to determine a match to clients characteristics and needs


Describe the history of evidence based practice

The concept of evidence based practice was imported into psychology from the field of medicine where it originated in the 1990s. Psychology adopted EBP in 1995 but it is now recognised that clinical psychologists first contemplated EBP before the movement gain momentum in the field of medicine.