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What is the DSM

The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders


Describe the multi-axial system that existed in DSM-IV

Axis one symptom disorders
Axis two personality disorders
Axis three general medical conditions
Axis four psychosocial and environmental problems
Axis five overall functioning

DSM 5 has combined the multi axial system into a non-axial documentation of diagnosis


What are the criticisms of the DSM

It's medical focus
Inconsistencies in its use
Comorbidity and overlap of disorders
Gender biases
Lack of cultural sensitivity
Low diagnostic reliability
Influence of the pharmaceutical industry in its development
Revisions and cost to purchase


What is the ICD

International classification of diseases

Standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology health management and clinical purposes, and is a classification system for all diseases and related health problems


What are the strengths of the ICT

Available in multilingual format

Freely online/minimal cost to allow access ability in poorer countries