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In what year did Wellham Wundt form the first experimental psych lab?



State some facts about Wilhelm Wundt

He was a German physician
He was the first person to call himself a psychologist
He is considered the father of experimental psychology
Noted science as apart from biology and philosophy


Name some key facts about Lightner Witmer

He is credited with founding clinical psychology in 1896 when he opened a psychological clinic at the University of Pennsylvania

He emphasised the importance of providing a service with potential to benefit individuals

In 1907 he first coined the phrase clinical psychology in his journal publication the psychological clinic

In 1917 the first clinical psychological organisation was founded


State some facts about David Shakow

He emphasised the need to train clinical psychologists in both research and clinical practice

Therefore is considered the founding Father of the scientist practitioner model

He advocated the need for Thorough professional training and integration of practice and theory


What happened around World War II that changed psychology

After World War II the need for an increased number of professionals providing therapy grew significantly influenced by the number of veterans returning from war with what would now be described as PTSD.

Whilst psychs initially practiced under the supervision of physicians, by the 1970s they were practicing independently.


What happened in 1917?

The first, psychology organisation was founded and as the 1900s progress standardised testing administration by clinical psychologists expanded to include personality tests