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Priest :

Represents the people before God, standing in the gap to offer sacrifices and prayers on behalf of their needs and sins.


Prophet :

Represents God before the people, standing in the gap to bring forth the divine word of instruction, encouragement, or rebuke.


Cities/Nations OUTSIDE of the Promised Land :

First make an offer of peace, and the opportunity for the people of that place to serve Israel. If they refuse, attack the city and kill the men, keeping the women and children and everything else as plunder.


Cities/Nations INSIDE the Promised Land :

Do not make any offers of peace. The sins of the people have accumulated to such a point that God will no longer tolerate their existence on his earth. Totally destroy everything and overtake the city, leaving no survivors (either a complete wiping out of the population of all humans young and old, and animals, OR possibly a figure of speech meaning in essence, "Do not allow any remaining people who might rebuild and occupy the land while under Israel's rule," which involved at least the killing of all the men, and possibly some of the women and children, depending on interpreters rendering of the meaning of the idea of total destruction in the ancient Near-Eastern world).


The blessings and curses of Deuteronomy Ch. 28 reveal something about the heart of God. Which of the following best describes what we discussed in class about this topic and passage?

The general idea is that God desires to bless each and every facet of our lives! From our daily rhythms of rest and work, to our finances, health, families, and relationships. No part of life is left out of the blessings of God, and the same applies if we break relationship and abandon God and his ways - no facet of life will be safe from judgement. Both blessing or judgment will be felt down to the most common elements of human life.


Hoshea :




The Lords saves


The MAIN theme of Joshua is:

the entrance of God’s people into his promised rest


Which city did the Israelites fail to conquer (at first), as a part of God’s rebuke for sin in the camp, when someone kept valuables from the city hidden in his tent?



Which of the following was a likely and major contributor to the people falling away from God after the death of Joshua and the leading elders?

Joshua failed to raise up a leader to take his place.


How can Judges 17:6, 18:1, 19:1, & 21:25 be linked to postmodernism?

The self-directed lives of the Israelites in those days were very much like the self-directed lives of people today, who prefer to realize truth from within their own selves (subjectively), rather than from any objective source coming from an outside authority.


Othniel (Ch. 3) :

Defeated Cushan-Rishathaim king of Aram and his army.


Gideon (Chs. 6-9) :

Defeated the Midianites with a greatly reduced army.


Deborah (Chs. 4-5) :

Overpowered the armies of Sisera.


Samson (Chs. 13-16) :

Was given supernatural strength that enabled him to wreak havoc on the Philistines. His lust for women led to his own undoing, Yet God still brought great judgment on the Philistines through him.


Shamgar (Ch. 3) :

Personally struck down hundreds of Philistines with an oxgoad.


Abimelech (or Abimelek) (Ch. 9) :

Murdered 70 of his half-brothers. During a battle a woman dropped a stone on his head, and he had a soldier run him through with a sword to avoid having his death remembered as having been done by a woman.


Jephthah (Chs. 10-12) :

Defeated the Ammonites. Foolishly vowed to sacrifice whomever or whatever came out of his door when he returned home from battle, should God give him victory.


Ehud (Ch. 3) :

Defeated Eglon king of Moab (by killing him) and overpowered his army


The Book of Ruth contains a surprise. Ruth was a Moabitess, not an Israelite. Her loving loyalty to the faith and people of Naomi, an Israelite, took her through a series of events that led to her marriage to the Israelite Boaz, a godly and wealthy man. Even more surprising, Ruth’s lineage includes King David, and Jesus! This particular element in the story teaches us that:

God honors those who walk in faith even if they are outside of Israelite bloodlines, just as he honored Naomi by uniting Ruth first to her, and then to Boaz, resulting in a life restored, and one that became full of joy and provision.