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The ten plagues of Egypt overwhelmed the Pharaoh and his people with all kinds of disasters. God was judging the wickedness and oppressiveness that Pharaoh had leveled against the Israelites. In this way, Pharaoh and his armies (and officials) were the intended recipients of the destruction. Who, or what else was God directing his judgment against?

The gods of Egypt, in whom the Pharaoh and his people placed their trust.
Past Pharaohs of Egypt who acted in wickedness, and oppressed God's people, leading up to the time of the last Pharaoh on whom judgment fell.


During Moses' youth (from the time of his birth until his escape into the wilderness), God protected and prepared his chosen servant for his future assignment as a leader and deliverer of God's people. Who did God select as his "special agents" of protection and preparation?

A group of women that included the midwives of Israel, Moses’ mother, Moses’ sister Miriam, and Pharaoh’s daughter and her slave girl, (2:5-8, 10).


The Ark of the Covenant :

The throne of God, where mercy is given, and reconciliation with God is made because of blood sacrifice


The Altar of Sacrifice :

The Cross of Christ


The Table of Showbread :

Christ - who offered his body for our spiritual nourishment, the "bread" of our salvation.


The Lampstand and its oil and fire :

The filling and illumination of the Holy Spirit on the believer


The Tabernacle itself :

The human body (as the tent/tabernacle/temple of the Spirit)


the intricate details of the restrictions, codes, morals, and rituals of divine Law in Leviticus together reveal what?

The importance of holiness, and the need for the people to separate themselves from sin, as preparation to be able to worship in God’s presence under the Old Covenant.


When we compare or connect the way that the Old Testament leads into the New, the most central and important aspect is the way that Christ is the end, culmination, and main point of the Law (Romans 10:1-4). According to Hebrews chapters 8-10, which aspect/s of the Law is Christ the end and ultimate culmination of?

Atonement (reconciliation with God through sacrificial blood)
The feasts of Israel
The Tabernacle and its contents and rituals


The Lord put Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu to death because they had:

Incorrectly offered “unauthorized” fire and incense before the Lord.