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What are unusual things found in the book of Jonah?

1. A prophet running away from his call, instead of obediently heading into it.
2. A prophet seeking "religious suicide."
3. A miraculous survival inside of a whale, or giant fish.
4. Widespread repentance of a people not associated with the worship of Yahweh.
5. A prophet responding to God's mercy with anger, instead of joy.


Which of the following is true regarding the book (and message) of the prophet Hosea?

It is the story of a heart-breaking marriage between a man of God and his adulteress wife, whom God called the man to marry and love, as a picture of God's relationship with his unfaithful people.


What was it about the setting of Amos’ ministry that made it so difficult to convince his hearers of their need to repent?

The northern kingdom of Israel was in a time of renewed power and privilege, and the people were enjoying a sense of relative security and prosperity, dulling their spiritual awareness and concern.


What happened between the prophet Amos and Amaziah, a priest at Bethel?

Conflict and confrontation.


Amaziah (the king) :

Empowered by God to defeat a powerful enemy in battle, but then ended up foolishly worshiping the gods of his defeated enemy.



Was rebuked by a prophet and responded by lashing out in anger, and oppressing the people.


Jehoshophat :

Served the Lord wholeheartedly almost all of his life, leading the Judah into a time of renewal and revival before God.



Cleansed the land of idols and served the Lord while he was young, but then completely abandoned the Lord after the death of his mentor.



Was rebuked by a prophet and responded by humbling himself, along with his officials, before God.


Uzziah :

Was forced to live out the latter part of his life in partial isolation, in a separate house where he would not contaminate people or things with leprosy.


Jotham :

Was one of the rare kings who walked with God over the majority of his life without abandoning God in a time of success or ease.


Ahaz :

Lost in a battle against brother Israel (northern kingdom), along with losing hundreds of thousands of people and things that were taken as plunder to the northern kingdom


What was the initial picture or “object lesson” that the prophet Joel witnessed in his home country, and that became a prophetic message regarding the future “Day of the Lord”?

A terrible plague of locusts that destroyed all of the crops, putting the people in danger of famine, which became a symbol of a coming day of judgment.


What was the situation in Obadiah’s short book that was the subject of his message?

Edom was gloating over the suffering of Israel at the hands of other nations, and feeling smug and secure. God was displeased with Edom’s haughty spirit.


The leadership decisions that King Hezekiah made during most of his reign led God's people into:

A time of great revival among God's people


Hezekiah's unusual generous spirit, or magnanimity, was discussed during class time. What was it about Hezekiah's actions that expressed such great generosity of spirit?

In spite of a long history of violence and division between kingdoms, Hezekiah offered "open doors" of renewed relationship with Israelites from the former northern kingdom, to journey to Judah and turn back to the Lord with all of their hearts.