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Eli the Priest became a spiritual father to Samuel, who went on to become one of Israel’s great prophets and judges. Eli also had sons, however, and he and his sons together failed to measure up to the standards God set forth for priests. Which area of failure best describes how both Eli and his sons fell short:

A. Eli failed to be a prophetic voice to the nation of Israel
B. Eli failed to correctly discipline his sons
C. Eli and his sons incorrectly administered the sacrifices
D. The sons of Eli robbed worshipers of their offerings, and slept with women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting


Once Samuel grew into a place of larger influence and ministry, which of the following was NOT a part of Samuel’s ministry among God’s people?

He acted as an interim ruling king after Saul’s removal, sitting on the throne of Saul


1 Samuel reveals to us that Samuel was required to minister faithfully before God, all while the popular culture of Israel continued to fall downward by following after Baal, and suffering under the oppression of the Philistines. Then, after twenty years, Samuel experienced a breakthrough in his ministry. What best describes the breakthrough?

A time of spiritual revival in the religious climate came; the people made fresh commitments to God, turning from idols and serving the Lord only. Beyond this, Samuel also founded a school for prophets, and traveled all around the nation, judging and prophesying for God.


Based upon the record of both Eli and Samuel’s life, what problematic pattern emerges from their lives?

They failed to properly mentor their own sons, leading to great sin and/or a lack of faith and commitment to God.


Early in his reign, Saul revealed a lack of wisdom and obedience by the way he failed to follow through on a command of Samuel. What best describes that occurrence?

Saul disobeyed Samuel’s command regarding a sacrifice that was to be made by Samuel, and went ahead and made the sacrifice himself.


Saul’s story leads to a miserable downfall from grace, and from power. What role did God have in Saul’s downfall, once God had made up his mind that he was going to remove Saul as king?

God sent an evil spirit or demon, or possibly a very troubled disposition, to torment Saul, causing him to become enraged with murderous anger.


In what specific way did David reveal an uncommon and heartfelt humility and submission to God’s timing for his appointment as king?

David refused to take his enemy Saul’s life, even when the opportunity was placed directly into his hands. David honored Saul’s appointment (and anointment) as king, even while Saul sought to kill David.


After David sinned with Bathsheba and had her husband murdered, the prophet Nathan was sent by God to rebuke David, and predict the kinds of punishment that were to follow his sin. What things would David experience through that punishment for these sins?

Division and treachery in his household, untimely deaths within the family line, and the death of the child from David and Bathsheba's sinful union


Ps. 34 :

When David acted insane in order to escape from a Philistine court


Psalm 57 and 142 :

When David was in great distress and hiding out in the cave of Adullam


Psalm 51 :

When David repented before the Lord for his great sin with Bathsheba, and against Uriah