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Hozeh – חזה :

to see in a vision


Ro’eh – ראה :

to see, view, to see visions & dreams, a seer


Nabhi - נביא :

to bubble up, to boil forth, hence to pour forth words like those who speak with fervor of mind or under divine inspiration, prophet or prophesy


What was a mark/s of the ministry of Isaiah?

A. A long ministry, possibly lasting upwards of 60-70 years.
B. A highly-skilled writer, and likely speaker, whose book is unsurpassed in the O.T. for its literary quality.
D. Ministered primarily in the southern kingdom of Judah, shortly before it fell.
E. Was told that his preaching would further harden the hearts of his listeners, instead of softening them.


Chapters 36-39: (Isaiah)

Hezekiah and the Enemy


Chapters 1-35:(Isaiah)

Warnings and Judgment, Coming Restoration


Chapters 40-66: (Isaiah)

Promises of Messiah, Salvation, Eternal Glory


Isaiah was used by God to bring forth important revelation about the coming Messiah, the Deliverer of Israel. What is the best description about the fulfillment of those prophecies:

The Deliverer spoken of in Isaiah brought great encouragement to the people because it spoke of a soon-coming ruler/s, who would bring varying levels of freedom and restoration to the people in the time of the Old Testament. Those rulers came and helped God’s people, but then they died without fulfilling the full scope of the prophecies Isaiah gave. This pointed to a yet-to-come fulfillment, and a promised future ruler, Jesus, who was to come long after their time. Jesus came and fulfilled much of the suffering servant prophecies, but has not yet fulfilled all of the prophecies about a conquering ruler.


Based upon reliable tradition, which king of Judah ordered the execution of the prophet Isaiah?



One of the main themes of the book of Micah is:

God's displeasure with empty formality in religion, instead of a true, heartfelt faith in God that involves both worship and justice.


The overarching theme of the book of Nahum is:

Disaster for Nineveh, whose escape from judgment during the time of Jonah was only temporary


A primary theme of the book of Zephaniah is:

The holiness of God, who is vindicated by bringing judgment upon Judah and Jerusalem, as he said he would do if they turned away from him. Nevertheless, he will save a remnant and show his loving kindness to them once again.


What best describes King Josiah of Judah?

Mighty: He sought to rip wickedness out of the land of Judah, and led a radical campaign of cleansing and recommitment to Yahweh.


1st Captivity, 598 BC :

King Jehoiakim was over Judah. The princes of Judah, as well as Daniel and his friends, were taken away to Babylon.


2nd Captivity, 597 BC :

King Jehoiachin was over Judah. Thousands of elites from Judah are taken in to Babylon, including Ezekiel.


3rd Captivity, 586 BC :

King Zedekiah (Mattaniah) was over Judah. All remaining people, except the very poor, are taken away to Babylon. Jerusalem and the Temple of the Lord are destroyed.


What was the big issue that the prophet Habakkuk struggled over in prayer, as recorded in his book?

That God would select a wicked, ungodly nation to bring judgment upon his own people in Judah, leading to so much violence and loss.