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Genesis 6 reveals that the human race became exceedingly corrupt and wicked because of sin. what mark of that corruption is emphasized most in Gen. 6?



God’s plan of Redemption is revealed early on in Scripture, at least in part. God planned to plant a generational “seed” that would one day lead to the restoration of Creation from the damages of sin. Moses prophetically captured this in the book of Genesis. Which passage from Genesis is the FIRST prophetic mention of this “seed” of Redemption?

Genesis 2:15


Gen. 9:18-27 tells us that Noah became drunk on his own wine, and lay naked in his tent. His son Ham came upon his father Noah while he was naked, and through the use of euphemism, the Scripture passage implies that something extremely dishonoring was done to Noah. When Noah found out, he made pronouncements over his son Ham, as well as his other sons, who covered their naked father when they found out. Which of the following pronouncements captures Noah’s words over his son Ham?

Noah cursed Ham’s son Canaan, declaring that he would be a slave of his brothers.


Gen. 15 tells us of an extremely important moment in Abram’s (name later changed to Abraham) relationship with God. What happened in Gen. 15?

God made a covenant with Abraham, promising to give him an heir, whose descendants would inherit the land of promise.


In Genesis 17 there is a reaffirmation of God’s covenant with Abram. As a part of it, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham. This time, God called Abraham to do something as a part of that re-affirmation. What was it?

To circumcise all males, including Abraham, as a sign of their covenant relationship with God.


In Isaac we see a picture of Christ. In what ways does Isaac prefigure Christ?

He is the miraculous son of promise.
He is the son the father loves
The father leads him to a mountain to be an offering
The son submitted to the will of the father to offer him as a sacrifice