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Why would we go to war?

To fight for land
Past events
To defend our countries and allies


Why is going to war a problem for Christians?

Taking human life is seriously wrong, it says in the 10 commandments do not kill.


What is the just war theory?

A set of rules to decide whether or not we should go to war, used by mainly countries.


What is the purpose of the Just war theory?

Control, limit and sometimes forbid war.
Remember the humanity of the enemy.


What is the United Nations?

An international organisation made up of most countries in the world. Founded in 1945.


What is the purpose of the United Nations?

To promote peace, security and economic development.


Meaning of pacifism?

The belief that war or violence is wrong, it shouldn't be used. A quote to support this is "Love your enemies and pray for those who hurt you."


Who are the Quakers?

A religious society of friends (Christians), belief is that you should never go to war (Pacifism).


Why might a Christian be pacifist?

They might follow the Quakers, belief that war should never, ever happen.


Jesus is a pacifist. When did he show signs he wasn't?

When he tipped over the tables when he saw people selling things in the church.


Christian views in support of war, in quotes.

"Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors!" - Joel 3:9
"The Lord will destroy those nations before you." - Deut 7:22


What is a holy war?

A war fought in support of a religious goal. Must be approved by a religious leader.


An example of a holy war?

Wars were fought by Christians in order to regain Jerusalem and holy land from Muslims.


What is the UN declaration of human rights?

Rights and freedoms to which humans are entitled to. Ensures people are treated fairly and without discrimination.


Examples of declaration rights

All humans have to be free and equal
Everyone has a right to an education
Everyone has the right to freedom of movement


What is the Amnesty international?

An organisation which campaigns to end abuses of human rights across the globe.


What do Amnesty international fight against?

The misuse of human rights.
Abortion - belief parents shouldn't abort their children.
The death penalty.