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What does the Jewish bible consist of?

The law, the prophets and the writings


What does monotheism mean?

You only believe in one God.


What do Jews believe about God?

They believe he created everything in the world, everything they see, hear and experience as a meeting with God.


What does Jewish prayer confirm?

The belief in one God.


What does Omnipotent mean?

God is all powerful.


What does Omniscient mean?

God is all knowing.


What does Omnipresent mean?

God is everywhere at once


How many mitzvot's does the Torah contain?



What do Orthodox Jews believe happen in every generation?

That there is a dissendent of King David who has the potential to be the messiah.


What does Covenant mean?

Solemn promise or agreement between the Jews and God


Which two people had the covenant with God in the Tenakh?

Abraham and Moses.


Two Jewish beliefs about the divine presence?

Tabernacle and a pillar of fire


What is the Jewish law about life?

Jews must preserve life, it should not be abused, only God should create or end life.


What does voluntary Euthanasia mean?

When a patient asks someone to help them die (assisted suicide.)


What does 'Pikuach Nefesh' mean?

The obligation to save a life, even in doing so breaks the Jewish law.


What does God allow Jews to do?

Make choices as to how they live their lives (free will.)
Acting in a way that pleases God.
Using Free will in the wrong way e.g. Murder will not bring Jews to God.
On Judgement day, the consequences could be severe.


What does mitzvot mean?

A commandment.


What is an orthadox jew?

Very strictly follows laws and practices in the Torah.


What is the Star of David and what's the importance of it?

It is a six pointed figure and it's importance is that it is a Jewish and Israeli symbol.


What is the ark and what is it's importance?

The ark is the holiest place in the Torah and the importance of it is that this is where the Torah is kept.


What, when and why is the amidah used?

The amidah is called the standing prayer or the nineteen blessings.
It is used on a weekday and it forms the core of all Jewish prayer services, and is prayed in silence while standing and facing Jerusalem.
The reason why it is used is because it gives Jews the chance to use the three blessings to thank God for the opportunity to serve him and pray for peace, goodness and compassion.


What does the tenakh (24 books of Jewish scripture) consist of?

The Torah (law), the nevi'im (prophets) and the Ketuvim (writings).


What do Jews call God?

The sustainer


What is a reform Jew?

Still follows the laws and practices in the Torah, just not as much as a reform Jew.


What do reform jews believe?

There will be a future messianic age
Everyone will live in peace and harmony


Jews belief on the sanctity of life?

Life is incredibly special and precious because it's a gift from God.
Under Jewish law, they must preserve life - particularly the innocent and valuable.
Only God can create and end life, human life should not be used.


What is voluntary euthanasia?

When a patient asks someone to help them die (assisted suicide)


What is terminal illness?

An illness that cannot be cured and is likely to result in death shortly.


What is free will?

God allows Jews to make choices as to how they live their lives.
This came after Adam and Eve's disobedience.