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What are the three messages from the two creation stories?

God made everything (humans, the world)
Everything that God made was good.
Humans are the highpoint of God's creation


What is a fundamentalist?

A Christian who interprets the Genesis creation story literally.


What is a liberalist?

Christians who interpret Genesis as a myth - a story with a deeper meaning.


What do fundamentalists believe in terms of how the world was created?

They believe that God created the world in 6 days with his own hands.


What do liberalists believe in terms of how the world was created?

They believe that Science created the world. They think there was a "big bang theory" that created the world.


How is stewardship significant in the creation stories?

Christians have a duty to respect all God's creation
Christians should not misuse God's creation (e.g litter)


What is the dignity of humans?

No one should be mistreated in anyway
Creation stories tell us humans are made in the image of God, we share qualities of God.


What is the sanctity of life?

All life is holy because it comes from God
As God created life every stage needs to be with care and respect


What is Natural law?

Morals and values that are inherent to all humans


What is the basic natural law?

"Do good and avoid evil"
This is the most fundamental inclination of humans


What is the second Vatican council?

Important gatherings of Catholic bishops (1962-1965) which updated many Catholic teachings


Who was the man who proposed the "Big bang theory"?

George Lemaitre


What does the second Vatican council state the need for?

Science and religion to work together
Catholic scientists to use their God-given talents to help them understand God's purpose


What is the primary precepts of Natural law?

The preservation of life (life is precious and holy)
Reproduction (Natural for humans to reproduce)
Orderly living (look after children and families)
God question (To question where we came from)
Nurturing (Look after children and families)


What does Transcendent mean?

The idea that God is beyond and outside the universe


What does omnipotent?

God is all powerful


What does Adam represent?

All humans


What does Stewardship mean?

The idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God.


What does interdependence mean?

Relying on each other - a change to one thing affects other things so we should inspire others to protect the world.


What can we do to sustain the world at a local level?

Recycle more waste
Use public transport
Take part in environmental campaigns


What can we do to sustain the world on a national level?

Put pressure on politicians to support charities that protect the environment
Support and buy products from environment-friendly businesses


What ways are the environment being damaged today?

Climate change
Non renewable natural resources (food, fuel, water)


What does natural resources mean?

Materials such as nature - such as oil and trees - that can be used by people to make more complex products


What is the meaning of hypocrites?

People who tell others how they should live but who do not live by these standards themselves


Why is it so important to look after the environment?

To show our love to God by taking care of the world
If one part of nature is damaged, it can affect other elements
Damage to the environment affects the poor the most


Nature of God in Genesis 1

God is transcendent - his power is shown in his word
The vastness of the universe reflects God's omnipotence
Humans are the last thing God created - the highpoint


Nature of God in Genesis 2 (The creation of humans)

God created humans (Adam) from the dust then breathes into him so he comes alive, shows how precious humans are
Humans share the breath or 'spirit' of God
God creates Eve - shows how men and women are complementary to each other