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What is a nuclear deterrent?

A weapons system (in the UK) used to deter enemies from attack.


Catholic views on Nuclear war?

"It is impossible to conceive of a just war in a nuclear age." (Pope John XXIII)
The Catholic church is against the use of nuclear weapons.


What is a nuclear war?

War that makes use of nuclear weapons: weapons that can work by creating a nuclear reaction in order to kill lots of people.


What is weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

Weapons that can kill large amounts of people and/or cause great damage.


What is torture?

Severe physical or mental pain: usually used to force a person to do or say something.


Why would torture be right?

Its an effective way of getting information
It can prevent a greater doing.


Why would torture be wrong?

Illegal under international war
An ineffective way to obtain information
A denial of human rights


What is radicalisation?

Developing extreme views on religious, social or political issues. Can lead to terrorism.


What can radicalisation be caused by?

Specific groups/individuals targeting others
Can be caused by young people feeling rejected by society/religion.


What is a martyr?

Someone who is killed because of their faith, catholic church values martyrs.


An example of a martyr?

Oscar Romero


The role of religion in conflict:

Helping to support the victims of war
Setting up an orphanage to rescue children who've been separated by parents.
Aid of the church - Providing shelter, blankets medicine and food.