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What is usually involved in a orthodox synagogue service?

The service is conducted in Hebrew (Jewish language)
Men and women sit separately (to stop themselves from distracting each other)
More of person connection to God throughout prayer.


What is usually involved in a reform synagogue service?

Men and woman can sit next to each other
Reform services are shorter than orthodox ones
Reform services are in Hebrew and English


What is Ner Tamid and it's importance?

It's a lamp that burns perpetually
Importance - shows God's presence


What is The Ark and it's importance?

The Ark is the holiest place in the Synagogue
Importance - Where the Torah is kept in the synagogue


What is a Rabbai seat/ pulpit?

A seat in the synagogue
Importance - It's where you sit on Shabbat


What is the Tallit and why is it important?

A prayer shawl made from wool or silk
Importance - Reminds Jews they are obeying God whenever they wear it


What is the Tefillin and it's importance?

Pair of black boxes containing passages of scripture, fastened with leather straps to centre of forehead.
Importance - reminds Jews that during prayers their concentration should be on God, prayers should be from the heart.


What is the Amidah prayer?

It is called the standing prayer or 19 blessings


When is the Amidah prayer used?

On a weekday, forms the core of all Jewish prayer services. Prayed in silence while facing Jerusalem while praying.


Why is the Amidah prayer used?

The blessings thank god for opportunity to serve him and pray for peace, goodness and compassion


What is the Tenakh?

The 24 books of Jewish scripture.


What does the Tenakh consist of?

The torah (law)
The Nevi'im (Prophets)
The Keturim (Writings)


What is the Talmud?

Commentary by the rabbais on the Torah, also called Oral law.