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Science vs Sociology:

- cannot meet rigorous demands of the scientific method
- requires a different orientation toward knowledge and a different perspective on human social interactions



- how questions not why or should questions
- both/and vs either/or thinking
- right and wrong
- true and false


Sociological imagination:

about the relationships between personal biography, history, and social forces beyond the control of the individual


Mills (1959) clarified the relationship between the ____ and _____ that is opposite what most people assume.

- individual
- society


Discuss the phrase "the very structure of opportunities has collapsed":

- fewer opportunities for success are placed in front of some people
- somehow, somewhere along the way, opportunities stopped being generated for many
- who's fault is it when people don't succeed?


Sociological imagination requires a back and forth thinking from ____ to ____.

- individual
- society


Common sense approach: the biggest loser:

- look at all these overweight people
- how can we explain this?
- because they are lazy, weak willed, and a failure, which is why we have an epidemic in today's society


Sociological imagination approach: the biggest loser:

- look at all these fast food joints, loopholes in food labeling, wealth gap etc.
- What effect could these be having?
- producing obesity


The Biggest Loser is a TV show and thus is embedded in numerous _____ and _____ contexts.

- institutional
- structural


Other sociological elements of The Biggest Loser:

- capitalism
- competition


Capitalism element of The Biggest Loser:

means that products have to be placed in the show and marketed


Competition element of The Biggest Loser:

contestants are competing against each other and themselves


How does capitalism and competition both feed the common sense view of obesity?

- products are marketed to contestants that promise to give an edge over other contestants
- you can consume your way to health


Capitalism and competition reflect the ____ ____ in which TBL is produced.

social structures


If we are unable to focus on the social issue of obesity, we can expect to see ....

the incidence of obesity rise, even as more individuals take action to manage their weight


Example of both/and thinking with sociological imagination:

need to focus on social issue, but individual effort is still needed


People who are obese are less ____ than _____ of our system.

- victims
- products


Our system is comprised of....

- neoliberalism
- capitalism
- overconsumption
- meritocracy
- time scarcity
- free market ideology
- individualism


Identification of ____ ____ results in different solutions coming to light.

social factors


Fixing the obesity problem might mean supporting a change to _____:

- taxation
- instead of a flat 10% provincial tax up to 128k, a more progressive system would allow us to combat obesity


We have a tendency, as a culture, to believe in...

the power of individual action, will, and perseverance to overcome obstacles


The challenge of teaching the sociological perspective is to ....

- overcome a lifetime of cultural conditioning
- teach them how to recognize social issues and to address them with systematic rather than individual solutions


4 themes of personal responsibility in TBL:

- only the strong survive
- pulling big numbers
- deserving and needing
- making the right choices


"only the strong survive":

- criteria for joining the show (need desire)
- those who lose the most weight are allowed to continue


"pulling big numbers":

- losing several pounds a week
- normalizes the idea that weight loss or weight management take a heroic effect (people without weight problems are morally superior/stronger)
- audiences pick favourites
- audiences think that contestants that fail to lose sufficient weight have only themselves to blame


"Deserving and needing":

- big numbers are a score that ranks people according to how they deserve to win
- those who pull big numbers are presumed to be more deserving to win
- eliminated because they are declared strong enough to keep losing weight at home


"making the right choices":

product placement


Moral panic:

a condition, episode, person or group of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to social values and interests


An epidemic is not a problem of ____ _____, it is a ____ ____.

- individual behaviour
- social issue


Although sport practices embody specific and identifiable ____, ____, and ____, they are typically viewed by both participants and spectators as _____ and ____ in nature.

- purposes
- values
- meanings
- ahistorical
- apolitical