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What are some examples of microaffirmations to counter discrimination?



How does boxing and/or the NBA replicate racist practices of child labour?



Know some events from the history of boxing that show how it is connected to racism.



Race is not ____ but a ____ construct.

- biological
- social


Race as a social construct does not mean there are no _____ differences, but the ______ into which people are placed are socially constructed.

- physiological
- categories


Colour-blind ideology:

denies that race, and thus racism, is an issue any longer



people rise to the level of their own ability and talent (merit based reward system)


Obsessing on race will not allow us to move ____ race. ____ and _____ will dissolve racism faster than ____ and ____.

- beyond
- perspiration
- teamwork
- therapy
- dialogue


Describe diversity in the NBA:

- majority of players are African-American
- Majority of owners are White
- Majority of league office staff is white
- Head coaches about 50/50


Veiled racism:

- sanitized language that looks on the surface to support liberal values (cultural, equality, freedom, choice, democracy)
- couched in multicultural frames: "it's about culture not race"
- intent: I didn't mean to be therefore I'm not racist
- claim that racism is over
- comes with the fear whites feel about losing power in society
- employs common terms that seem unconnected to racism


Instead of talking about race, people now talk about ____ differences. _____ is used to show how everything is equal and we have ____ of _____. So if there are differences, these must come about because some people don't ....

- cultural
- democracy
- freedom of choice
- work as hard


When combined with _____ _____, possible negative subject positions for ____ decrease even more.

- sexual orientation
- women


3 types of microagressions:

- microinvalidations
- microassaults
- microinsults



apparently small acts, which are often ephemeral and hard-to-see, events that are public and private, often unconscious but very effective, which occur whenever people wish to help others succeed