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The_________ _________ Director will develop and implement a performance and planning appraisal system to encourage the individual development of each employee’s full potential.

Human Resources


All regular classified employees shall receive an______________ performance review.



It is the responsibility of the___________ ______ to review all employees’ performance plans and annual appraisal reports for equity, fairness, andconsistency.

department head


An employee’s performance appraisal period may not be extended for reasons beyond his/her control. TorF



The_______ ________ is authorized to extend aperformance appraisal period and withhold a pay salary increase, until performance meets requirements.

department head


New hires beginning their initial review periods after the start of a new fiscal year will not be reviewed following the same guidelines.Timekeepers shouldrefer to the_______ _________ ___________ for correct procedures.

Personnel Administration Guidelines


All sworn personnel shall receive a performance appraisal after _____ _____ of employment.

one year


all regular classified personnel shall receive a performance appraisal after ____ ______ of employment.

six months


Supervisors should consult with _________ ________ when an employee is onextended leave during a performance review period (i.e. military leave, workerscompensation, medical leave, etc.)

Human Resources


The City of Glendale prohibits conduct which creates an___________,_______, or__________ work environment and is committed to providing an environment free of harassment andviolence.

intimidating, hostile, or offensive


__________ ___________has a responsibility to maintain a workplace free from harassment.

Each employee


Prohibited harassment includes, but is not limited to,_________ or ________ abuse of another whether physically, verbally orin writing.

intimidation or persistent


Employees who are determined to have harassed another person, in violation of the City’s policy and procedure, while pursuing a City activity, through City employment, or using City authority shall be subject to:

disciplinary action


Sexual Harassment defined

unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.


Sexual Harassment is when one or more of the following situations occur:



Guidelines for identifying prohibited harassmentbehavior include, but are not limited to the following:



_________ ____________ is responsible for reporting to management if he/she is being subject to prohibited harassment or is witnessing acts of prohibited harassment.

Each employee


Each manager and supervisor to whom an act of prohibited harassment has been reported or who becomes aware of acts of prohibited harassment shall report it to the .

Human Resources Director


_____________ or _____________ are responsible for initiating and completing investigations of complaints under the direction of the Human Resources Director.

Department heads or designees


The ______ _______ ________shall direct department heads in theinvestigation of complaints and shall maintain a confidential file on all charges of prohibited harassment.

Human Resources Director


All personnel shall maintain confidentiality about complaints in order to protect the parties involved, and information shall not be shared with

anyone other than those involved in the investigation.


An employee who believes he or she has been harassed in violation of the City’s policy and procedure is encouraged to file a complaintas soon as possible after the prohibited harassment, with one or more of the following City employees:

· Immediate supervisor· Any manager or supervisor within or outside the department· Department head· The Human Resources Director· The City Manager’s “Hotline”


_________ and __________shall make available any employee forinterviews and present any documents required by the investigator.

Managers and supervisors


_____________ employees have a right to have a representative present.



the representative with the represented employee shall be from the City and shall not be an _________



At the conclusion of the interview, the _______ ____________ _________ is entitled to a period of time to consult with their representative, including an attorney, and make a statement not to exceed five (5) minutes addressingspecific facts or policies that are related to the interview.

Law Enforcement Officer


In accordance with A.R.S. § 381101, if the City reasonably believes an interview with a Law Enforcement Officer could result in , or__________,________,or_________ that Law Enforcement Officer shall be permitted reasonable breaks of limited duration during the interview to consult by telephone or in person, with others, including an attorney, who are immediately available.

dismissal,demotion or suspension,


The ___________ shall not include in the personnel file of a LawEnforcement Officer any information about an investigation until the investigation is complete or the employer has discontinued the investigation. If the Law Enforcement Officer has timely appealed adisciplinary action, the investigation is not complete until the conclusion of the appeal process.



The __________ _______ ________ shall beconsulted to determine the severity of disciplinary action to be taken.

Human Resources Director


Disciplinary action may range from a _______ ________ to termination.

verbal counseling