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While on duty or __ _____ _______ , the possession, use, consumption, abuse,manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorizedcontrolled substances (including medical marijuana) is prohibited.

on City property


The presence of ______,_____or_______ drugsin an employee’s or other covered personnel’ssystem for NON-medical reasons is prohibited.

alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs


To comply with the Drug Free Workplace Act of?



All employees and other covered personnel with____-_______ duties arerequired to submit to alcohol and illegal drug testing in accordance with thisCity policy, and all State and Federal Regulations including



Safety-sensitive duties include any job designated by the City as safety-sensitiveor those duties performed by an employee or other covered personnel whoseimpaired job performance could pose a risk to _____, ________, or _______ _______ and _______



These duties for DOT safety-sensitive positions include, but are not limited to:

a. Operating a revenue service vehicle, including when it is not in revenueservice. (CDL-FTA)b. Operating a NON-revenue service vehicle, when required to be operatedby a holder of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL-FMCSA).c. Controlling dispatch or movement of a revenue service vehicle.(CDLFTA)d. Maintaining a revenue service vehicle or equipment used in revenueservice. (CDL-FTA)e. Carrying a firearm for security purposes. (CDL-FTA)


These duties for other NON-DOT safety-sensitive positions include:

1. Operating a motor vehicle, other vehicle, equipment, machinery, or powertools.2. Repairing, maintaining, or monitoring the performance or operation ofequipment, machinery, or manufacturing processes where themalfunction or disruption could result in injury or property damage.3. Performing duties on the premises of a customer, supplier, or vendor(A.R.S. 36-498)


_________ ______ ___________personnel are subject to the provisions of AZPOST(Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board) in accordance with theArizona Administrative Code, Title 13, Public Safety.

Sworn law enforcement


Employees and other covered personnel normally performing NON-safetysensitive duties who are directed to perform safety-sensitive duties in anemergency situation are not required to be tested in accordance with the DOT regulations. (TorF)



All questions concerning the City’s Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy may be directed to the?

Human Resources Executive Director or designee.


According to these City policies andprocedures, any employee or other covered personnel who violates this sectionof the policy and procedures shall be deemed to have committed a _________ _________ _______

major performance deficiency


After a arrest or conviction of a violation that happened while on duty, the employee has_____ days to notify a supervisor.



If the employee works for a federaly funded division in the City, that division has _____ days to notify the federal agency of a conviction.



Examples of refusal include, but are not limited to:

a. failure to provide an adequate breath or urine sampleb. insufficient volume without valid medical explanationc. tampering, adulterating, or substituting a specimend. failing to appear within a reasonable timee. leaving the scene of an accident without just cause prior to submitting to atestf. leaving a collection facility prior to test completiong. failing to permit an observed or monitored collection when requiredh. failing to take a second test when requiredi. failing to undergo a medical examination when requiredj. failing to cooperate with any part of the testing processk. failing to sign the alcohol test forml. an MRO (Medical Review Officer) verified adulterated/substitutedsample, orm. once test is underway, failing to remain at site and provide a specimen*


In order to maintain a drug free work environment, the City will conduct the following categories of tests:

a. Pre-employmentb. Randomc. Reasonable suspiciond. Post-accidente. Return to dutyf. Follow up


The Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) shall be administered in accordance with________ ______ for DOT- FMCSA and DOT- FTA for determiningblood/alcohol levels

federal regulations


The ______ _______Test will be utilized in accordance with federal regulationsfor DOT-FMCSA, DOT-FTA, and for NON-DOT safety-sensitive employeesand other covered personnel.

Urine Sample


Urine Sample test shall be utilized) to test forthe following drugs (or their metabolites):

a. Marijuanab. Cocainec. Opiatesd. Phencyclidine (PCP)e. Amphetamines


Candidates for employment or reassignment may be tested for alcohol and/or illegal drugs and other controlled substances as part of a ___-________ _______ _______.

pre-employment background check.


When a drug test is requiredfor a position, candidates have ____ hrs after being offedthe job to take a drug test.



NON- safety employees may test positive in drug test if they posses a __________ _________ ______

medical marijuana card


Employees and other covered personnel with _______-_________duties shall be subject to random testing for alcohol and/or illegal drugs and controlled substances as outlined by federal regulations.



Any Employee regulated by DOT-FTA that has been removed from the random selection pool for more then ___ days must complete a drug test before returning to work in a safety sensitve positon.



Any Employee regulated by DOT-FMCSA that has been removed from the random selection pool for more then ___ days must complete a drug test before returning to work in a saftey sensitive position.



Any Employee in a NON-DOT positionthat has been removed from the random selection pool for more then ___ days must complete a drug test before returning to work in a safety sensitive position.



A ________ ________ selection method is used to select safety-sensitive employees and other covered personnel for random testing.

computer based


_________ ___________shall beunannounced, performed just before; while or just after the employee and other covered personnel perform their duties.

Random testing


For resonable suspision test, who must observe the employee with concerning the appearance, behavior, speech, or body odors of the employee?

A supervisor(s) or other company official(s) who is trained in detecting the signs and symptoms


For all other employees and covered personnel, “impairment” includes symptoms that may decrease or lessen the employee’sperformance and include:

speech, walking, standing, physical dexterity, agility, coordination, actions, movement, demeanor, appearance, clothing, odor, irrational or unusual behavior, negligence or carelessness in operating equipment or machinery, disregard for safety of self or others


Employees and other covered personnel whoknowingly leave the scene of an accident before a test has been administered shall be deemed to have knowingly refused to submit to the test and subject to termination. (TorF)