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who has the final decision making authority with regard to the entire recruitment and selection process.

The Human Resources Director


When a vacancy occurs, the department shall notify the Human Resources Director by sending a

Request for Personnel (RFP) form.


The Fire Department requires a post-offer___________for sworn non-promotional new hires.

drug and alcohol screen and fire fighter physical


Prior to any employee being assigned to safety-sensitive duties, the employee shall receive

60 minutes of substance abuse training


supervisor shall receive________of substance abuse training, in accordance with state and federal regulations.

120 minutes


All original employment and promotional appointments are tentative and subject to an initial review period of .

six (6) months


The initial review period for all sworn employees in the Police Department and all Firefighters in the Fire Department is

twelve (12) months.


Employees may request in writing through the Human Resources Director a voluntary demotion to a classification for which they are?



The City regards its employment as primary, however, employees may engage in employment other than their job with the city as long as it

does not interfere with
1.) city duties and responsibilities,
2.) working hours,
3.) assignments,
4.) emergency assignments or
5.) constitute a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest with city duties and responsibilities.


The approvals of initial requests for outside employment and for the continuation of outside employment are the responsibilities of the


employee’s immediate supervisor and department head, or designee.


Approval for outside employment may be revoked by the

employee’s department head, or designee, if the outside employment creates a conflict of interest with the employee’s city duties or negatively impacts the employee in the performance of their city position


Employees who wish to engage in outside employment are required to notify their

supervisors of the outside employment work hours, nature of the work, and the name of the employer prior to accepting outside employment with the exception of new employees, who will provide the information upon hire.