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__ __________ or relative of an employeeshall have a financial interest in any sale to the City of land, materials, supplies, equipmentor services, unless the sale complies with the bidding requirements of the conflict ofinterest statutes of the State of Arizona

No employee


Contracts or sales made by a person or entity withknowledge, express or implied, of a violation of this section shall be voidable by the ______ ____________.



Any employee of the City who has, or whose relative has, a substantial interestin any contract with, sale to, purchase from, or service to the City shall notifythe employee’s ____________ _________ or _______ ____ ___________.

department head or Deputy City Manager.


The department heador Deputy City Manager shall require the employee to file a notice of suchinterest with the _______ ________ and a copy of such notice with the _______ ___________.

City Clerk, City Attorney


Any employee of the City who has, or whose relative has, a ___________ ___________in any decision or action of the City, other than as an employee, shall notify theemployee’s department head or Deputy City Manager

substantial interest


No employee of the City, or relative of an employee, shall supply to the Cityequipment, material, supplies or services, unless pursuant to an award of acontract after a public ____________ ______. A request for proposals or quotes shallnot be considered a competitive bid.

competitive bid


The_______ ______ or _______ _____ _________ shall also establish procedures toensure the employee does not participate in any manner in such decision.

department head, Deputy City Manager


No employee, or former employee who has left employment within thepreceding ________ months, may represent another person for compensationbefore the City Council or any Board or Commission of the City concerning anymatter with which such former officer or employee was directly concerned, andin which he/she personally participated during his/her employment or service.



During the period of employment with the City and for _____ years thereafter, noemployee shall disclose or use for the employee’s personal profit, withoutappropriate authorization, any information acquired by the employee in thecourse of the employee’s official duties which information has been clearlydesigned by the employer as confidential or which is declared confidential bylaw.



____ _________ may use, or attempt to use, the employee’s position with the Cityto secure from any person any valuable thing or valuable benefit for theemployee to which the employee would not ordinarily be entitled for theperformance of the employee’s duties with the City.

No employee


No employee may receive or agree to receive, directly or indirectly,______________ other than the employee’s salary from the City for any servicesrendered, or to be rendered, by the employee which is within the employee’sduties as a City employee.



Any employee found guilty of any violation of this procedure shall be subject topunitive disciplinary actions up to and including ______________.



Any violation of this procedure with the knowledge, expressed or implied, ofthe person, corporation or other entity contracting with the City shall render thecontract _____________ by the City.



This directive shall be construed in compliance with the conflict of intereststatutes contained in the Arizona Revised Statutes, A.R.S. Sec. ___-_____, et. seq.