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___ _________ shall accept as an individual any fee, gift, discount, entertainment or othervaluable item in the course of performing the duties of his/her position

No employee


Unless otherwiseprohibited by the individual department, employees, offices, and departments may acceptsuch items as candy, cake, cookies, lunches, or other items, of _________ value which areintended to be complimentary or appreciative in nature, and shared with the entire workgroup.



Except as otherwise provided herein, ______ _________, or their __________ ____________,shall not accept gifts, gratuities and favors from any person, business,organization or group conducting business with the City. Further, no Cityemployee shall accept compensation or pay from any person for performing aservice or function for which the employee is already compensated by the Cityto perform.

City employees, family members


Tickets to athletic events, golfcourse greens fees, trips or travel opportunities, discounts for trips or travel are all a non-inclusive list of gifts or favors that employees are _____ permitted to accept.



Gifts intended for an entire work group, division or department (such as abasket of fruit, cookies, candy, etc.) may be accepted provided the gift is sent tothe work group, division or department for all members of the group, division ordepartment, and the _____________ _______ approves acceptance of the gift before anydistributions are made to employees.

department head


Promotional items for a business, organization or group may be acceptedprovided the item is the type (such as pens, calendars, t-shirts, etc.) prepared fordistribution to the ____________ __________.

general public.


Meals at which City business is conducted or discussed _______ be paid for by abusiness partner of the City provided the value of the meal is ____________. A“business partner of the City” shall be considered any person, group ororganization with which the City has entered into a relationship, or may in thefuture enter into a relationship, which will benefit the City. A “business partner of the City” does not include any person, group or organization regulated by theCity or whose work or activities are subject to inspection or supervision by theCity.

may, reasonable